CFES Parent Newsletter

2022 - 2023

Congratulations CFES for being rated a straight a school!

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Week of August 16th

Dear Families,

Thank you for helping to make Meet the Teacher so successful. The positive energy and excitement across the campus was infectious and we are so excited to welcome your children back on Tuesday. Please remember - parents of kindergarten students will be allowed to walk their child to their class for a quick drop off on the first day of school. There will be locations set up outside for first day photos for all of our first through fifth graders as you wish them well. Once students enter the building, CFES staff will be stationed in the hallways to help your child(ren) to the classrooms in an effort to begin the day as soon as possible.

All students coming by car, bike or walking should plan to arrive at 8:10 a.m. each morning when the doors open for students.

Thank you for reading this newsletter thoroughly as I realize it is lengthy. It is my intention to help make procedures clear and the transition back into CFES as smooth as possible as we kick off the 2022-2023 school year where I am certain our Cougars will ILLUMINATE SUCCESS! Thank you for allowing me to serve this community daily.


Sherri Trammell - Proud Principal of CFES

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Welcome Cpl. Coco

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In an effort to continue to make safety and security a priority on our campus, TISD has assigned Cpl. CoCo White to the Creekside area. We look forward to having him here daily and for him to get to know our students and community. Please help us welcome him the next time you see him here!

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16 - First Day of School

  • 8:10 am doors open
  • 8:40 am all students should be in class
  • 3:50 pm dismissal begins

23- PTO Meet & Greet 10:00 am at CFES


1- Parent Information Night (more information to come)

  • 5:00-6:00 Session One
  • 6:00-7:00 Session Two

1 - CFES Sonic Spirit Night from 6:00-8:00 pm

5 - Labor Day - Student and Staff Holiday

8 - Last Day for Stuff the Bus CFES CARES items to be brought in

26 - Lunch visitors on assigned days begins

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Important Arrival and Dismissal Information

First day of school for our students is on Tuesday, August 16th. School hours are 8:10 am - 3:50 pm.

The CFES Arrival and Dismissal Aerial Overview Map gives specific locations for arrival and dismissal for all students..

School safety is our most important priority and dismissal is a time of day when our 650+ students and staff are in motion along with buses, day care vans, bikes, scooters, and personal vehicles on campus. In order to guarantee a safe return home for all students in the most efficient way possible, we need your help.

On the first day of school, please have your child be dismissed the way in which your child will normally go home in order for the staff to establish routines. It is important that all students have a consistent way of going home daily.

Please take a moment to review our arrival/dismissal options below and familiarize yourself with our procedures. We are in this together, and I appreciate your continued efforts in following the guidelines for the safety of all students.

  1. Please be patient the first couple of weeks of school; staff are learning student names and students are learning routines and procedures.
  2. In advance, clearly communicate about dismissal to your child's teacher.
  3. Maintain consistency in your child's dismissal mode as much as possible.

Car Rider

  • For morning drop off, all cars should pull forward as far as possible. Students arriving by car should remain in their vehicle until the 8:10 bell rings.

  • All students should exit their car as directed on the curb side, even if it is not in front of their entry door.

  • Any student crossing the drop off lane must be accompanied by an adult, use the crosswalk and wait for car rider staff to stop traffic before crossing.

  • At dismissal, a staff member will direct vehicles to form a “double stacking line” and then merge to a single line. Parents are asked to pull past the flag pole after loading if extra time is needed to buckle up.

  • While entering and leaving the parking lot, right turns only to/from Creekside Forest Drive are encouraged.


  • TISD policy states the K-2 biker/walkers must be accompanied by an adult or guardian for arrival and dismissal.

  • Kinder Students (Arrival): During arrival, Kinder biker students/parents will access the primary playground and park their bikes in the bike rack. Parents will then walk their child around the end of the building to the Kinder door along the front parking lot. Kinder walkers will be escorted by a parent and enter the building at 8:10 at the Kinder door along the front parking lot.
  • Grades1-5 Biker/Walker Students (Arrival): During arrival, grades 1-5 Biker/Walker students will access the primary playground and enter by the doors in the back of the building. A staff member will be there to welcome students each day at 8:10. All students should come in the building once they arrive, unless they are accompanied by a parent or adult.
  • Grades K-2 Biker/Walker Students (Dismissal): For dismissal, parents will wait outside at the gate until a staff member begins the dismissal process at 3:50. At that time grades K-2 Biker/Walker students will be picked up at the first grade door on the primary playground area by a parent or designated adult with a Biker/Walker card. It is important that you bring your Biker/Walker card daily. In an effort to maximize security and efficiency, please refrain from congregating near the building once you have your child.
  • Grades 3-5 Biker/Walker Students (Dismissal): For dismissal, Biker/Walker students in grades 3-5 will be escorted at 3:50 to the exit door on the primary playground by the bike racks. Biker riders will get their bikes and walk them to the playground exit gate along Creekside Green or across the front crosswalk. Students exiting along Creekside Green will continue walking their bikes down the sidewalk until they have safely crossed the back parking lot sidewalk or crosswalk. Walkers will be escorted down the sidewalk along Creekside Green to the crosswalk. Crossing guards are provided before and after school. Grades 3-5 parents are permitted but not required to meet their children and walk with them. Unless accompanied by a parent or another adult, all students are expected to exit the playgrounds after school.
  • During inclement weather, all K-5 Biker/Walker students will go home as car riders.

Bus Riders

  • If you have not yet registered your child to be a bus rider and would like your child to ride the bus even though you did not select your child to be a bus rider during enrollment, please contact the campus. and If you chose bus during enrollment, you should have a bus assigned to you.

  • Bus information will be available in the SMART tag Parent Portal to locate bus stops and approximate pick up and drop off times.

  • If you did select for your child to ride the bus, the Transportation Department is still in the process of assigning students to bus routes. Please use the InfoFinder if you do not find your bus information in the SMART tag Parent Portal.

  • Students can only ride the bus they are assigned to and are unable to ride a different bus going home.

  • Please remember to bring your ID from last year until a new tag is provided. If you are new and do not have an ID, one will be provided.

  • For more bus information, please visit the TISD transportation website at TISD Transportation or contact them at 281-357-3193.

Campus Kids: (on campus before and after school day care)

  • Hours are 6:30 am-6:30 pm
  • Drop off and pick up at cafeteria doors
  • Parent vehicles should not enter the parking lot in the afternoon until after 4:05 pm
  • Please do not park in the bus loading circle if buses are present
  • Please do not pass buses that are loading students
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A Note from the Nurse

Nurse Meredith is currently accepting student medications. The CFES Clinic is open from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. If you need to meet with Nurse Meredith before or after Clinic hours, please contact her via phone at 281-357-4526 /x3805 or email to schedule a meeting. Parents, please remember that all medications must be brought to the CFES clinic by an adult and may not be brought to school by a student. All prescription medications given at school will need a Physician signature on the medication permission form as well as a parent signature. No medication will be given without the proper paperwork. If your child will need medication at school for medical conditions such as asthma, seizures, food allergies or insect allergies, you will need to provide a MD signed Action Plan. All medication should be in original labeled containers and should not be expired.

Links are included below for your convenience.

Asthma Action Plan

Insect Allergy Action Plan

Food Allergy Action Plan

Seizure Action Plan

Medication Permission Form

School Supplies

CFES School Supplies for 2022-2023

Student Planners: Students in grades 2-5 use a student planner which is included in the Edukit school supply kits. If you did not order a school supply kit through Edukit, please purchase a planner for your student by using this link 2022-2023 Student Planners. When placing the order, please enter your child's name in the field "Who are you buying this for?". These planners will be delivered directly to your child's classroom. For any issues with purchasing a student planner online, please contact Peggy Harville at

Watch D.O.G.S Information

WATCH D.O.G.S.® (Dads Of Great Students) is a national family and community engagement educational initiative that we love being part of! There are 2 primary goals of the WATCH D.O.G.S. program: 1. To provide positive male role models for the students, demonstrating by their presence that education is important. 2. To provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security and reduce bullying. Our Cougars LOVE having their dads on campus for the morning.

The first step to becoming a WATCH D.O.G.S. is to complete the TISD Volunteer Application! WE respectfully ask that you don't sign up to be a WATCH D.O.G.S. until you have completed and submitted the application! The application is required to be completed every year.

Please use this link or the link below to compete this! For now we ask that dads sign up for only one spot per year so all families have the opportunity to participate. Thank you for volunteering!

Volunteer Application

Beginning of Year Watch D.O.G.S. Sign Up

AM Security Dudes team

Dads, please volunteer as a part of our AM Security Dudes team! We would love for our dads to be visible during student drop off (assisting with car and bus arrival) and then check that all exterior doors are locked and secured as we begin the school day. This shift will begin at 8:00 and end at 8:50. You can sign up using the link below for any day that you are available! Remember to complete the Volunteer Application form to be able to volunteer in any capacity at CFES this year. You can sign up for as many days as you’d like! School security is our number one priority, and we value our dads in this community!

Volunteer Application

AM Security Dudes Sign Up

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Each TISD student is provided a student ID number and badge when enrolled in the district. This number also serves as their meal account number. Students are required to use their ID number/badge for every cafeteria transaction. By using their student number/badge, our system will capture all the account’s activity, allowing parents to view the items purchased.

2022-2023 Elementary Meal Prices

Breakfast: $1.50

Lunch: $2.75

2022-2023 Cafeteria Snack Prices

For more information on Tomball ISD Child Nutrition, please visit:

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Life Principle of the Week: Citizenship

Behaving in a responsible manner as a citizen of community

Being a good part of your community

“Citizenship is the chance to make a difference to the place where you belong.”-Charles Handy

Celebration: N/A

Call Back: Shine bright…like a diamond

Expectation #1: We will value one another as unique and special individuals.

Mrs. Parson's Lesson on Citizenship

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  • Membership Drive and Spirit Wear sales are in full swing and end on August 26th!
  • Our PTO Coffee Social will be on 8/23 at 10:00 am at Creekside Forest for any new or returning parents looking to learn more or get plugged in to Creekside Forest Elementary School. We hope you will make plans to join us!
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Creekside Forest Cares offers incredible opportunities for us to come together as a community and put our hands, hearts and resources together to serve others. It is one of the best ways to teach our children the life principle of empathy. Volunteering helps to foster kindness and compassion. Each quarter, we will focus on ways to help others and instill these values within our community.

Stuff the Bus is the perfect kickoff! We are partnering with the Tomball Education Foundation to collect supplies for students in need who are right here in Tomball ISD! We have tailored our drive to specific needs in Tomball. Please see our flyer for the items we would love to collect. Collection bins will be in the foyer starting on Meet the Teacher! The last day to drop off the supplies for students in need is September 8th.

Thank you so much for helping us kick off CFES Cares with Stuff the Bus!

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Are parents permitted to walk their child to class on the first day of school?

Parents of Kindergarten students will be allowed to walk their child to their class on the first day of school. We know how important it is that you have the opportunity to wish your child well on the first day of school. If they are in 1st grade or older feel free to snap a first day photo at one of the locations prior to sending them into CFES. Once students enter the building, we will have employees stationed in the hallways to help get your child(ren) to the classroom in hopes to begin classroom instruction as soon as possible.

Will parents be able to eat lunch with their children?

Lunch is a part of the instructional day and each lunch lasts 30 minutes. As a fast-growth district with limited space in the cafeteria, it is important for us to establish our procedures and lunch expectations with the students during the first weeks of school. Parents are welcome to come have lunch with their child(ren) starting on Monday, September 26th. More information will be sent in the upcoming weeks concerning specific days to visit.

Parents of students with August and September birthdays are permitted to have lunch with their child(ren) on the day of their birthday starting the second week of school while lunch visitors are paused to start the year. While in the cafeteria, you may eat at the designated tables with your child only. Please remember that photos and video of other students in the cafeteria is prohibited and visitors are limited to 2 visitors per student due to space. All visitors must bring their driver's license with them to campus to check in at the front office, and lunch visitors must be listed as an emergency contact.

How will birthdays be celebrated on campus?

Our students are extremely important to us and we want them to feel celebrated. To ensure the safety of all students, birthday treats must be store bought and sealed in the store bought package. Individually packaged/wrapped treats by the store are preferred. For your convenience, the school cafeteria will have ice cream passes available for purchase as well. If you would like to purchase items from the cafeteria, please contact your child’s teacher ASAP so we can help make arrangements for this purchase prior to arriving at the cafeteria. Each parent is required to complete a form with their child's homeroom teacher for birthday snacks brought in by other's to be shared with your student.

How can I get involved with the school?

We believe that parent involvement helps ensure all students are successful. There are multiple ways a parent can be involved with the campus. Our Parent Teacher Organization, or PTO is always looking to welcome new members and would love to meet you. There are also opportunities for dads to sign up to be a Watch DOG (Dads of Great Students) and Security Dudes. We also love having volunteers around campus to assist in needed areas including but not limited to lunch/recess monitoring, reading to a class, book shelving, front office support and many other opportunities that make our school operate safely and smoothly. If you are interested, please start by filling out the volunteer application linked below:

Volunteer Application

Is there any additional information that may be helpful in learning more about Tomball ISD

and Back To School Updates?

Additional information regarding Tomball ISD Back To School updates can be found on the District Webpage at: Tomball ISD Back to School


  • If your child tests positive for COVID the district requires that you complete the Report Positive COVID Student the day you learn they are positive.