June 2021 Technology Newsletter

By: Michael Kealy

PowerSchool Summer Roll Over Planned For 7/13-7/15

While I hope most of you will be enjoying the summer vacation I wanted to let you know that the Technology Department is planning the annual roll over for PowerSchool from 7/13-7/15. During this time there will be no access to PowerSchool. Teachers participating in summer school programs will need to take a paper attendance and update the attendance in PowerSchool once service is restored.

Planned Server Outage Friday 7/9 12pm

There is a planned server outage on Friday, 7/9 at 12pm for a few hours as our department works to upgrade critical switches before summer programming and activities begin. If you are working on 7/9, please make sure your computer is on and you are logged in before 12pm to continue accessing the functional services listed below.

It is anticipated that this outage will impact the following programs used by end users and that there will be NO ACCESS:


Home Drive Files - server based not Google Drive

Shared Drive Files - server based not Google Drive

Ricoh Printing

Public WiFi



Route Finder


HVAC Controls - Server Based

The following programs should remain functional:


Private wifi (BCSD & BCSD-Staff)

Cloud computer programs and websites

Google G-Suite For Education i.e. Drive, Gmail, Doc's, Classroom, etc..

Technology and Maintenance Help Desk/Ticket Systems







Frontline i.e. IEP Direct, AESOP, PD

Security Changes Coming To Google Drive 9/13

A security update will be applied to Drive

On September 13, 2021, Drive will apply a security update to make file sharing more secure.

What does this update mean for my organization?

This update will change the links used for some files, and may lead to some new file access requests. Access to impacted files won’t change for people who have already viewed them, but others may need to request access.

This security update is being applied to some files in Google Drive to make sharing links more secure. The update will add a resource key to sharing links. Once the update has been applied to a file, users who haven't viewed the file before will have to use a URL containing the resource key to gain access, and those who have viewed the file before or have direct access will not need the resource key to access the file. Learn more about resource keys and how they might impact your files.

End users who own or manage impacted files will receive an email notification starting July 26, 2021 with their impacted files. This security update will be applied to 12,975 Drive items in your organization:

11,948 files
1,027 folders
2 shared drives
477 users

Don't Forget To Archive or Delete Your Google Classroom Classes

When you’re done teaching a class, you can archive it. When a class is archived, it’s archived for all students and teachers in the class. If you don’t archive a class, students and teachers in the class continue to see it on their Classes page.

You can restore an archived class if you want to use it again, or delete it if you’ll never use it again. To delete a class, you need to archive it first.

Teachers and co-teachers can archive a class, but only the primary teacher can delete a class. Students can’t archive or delete a class.

What happens to an archived class?

When you archive a class

  • It’s placed in a separate area to preserve the class materials, student work, and posts. You won’t see it with your active classes on the Classes page.
  • You and your students can view an archived class. To use the class again, you have to restore it.
  • You and your students can still access any class materials in Google Drive. That includes any attachments for assignments or other student work.
  • Students can’t unenroll from an archived class. This can limit how students can manage the classes they’re done taking.
  • The class calendar remains in your Google Calendar and in your students' calendars. If you no longer need the class, you can remove its calendar from view, or delete it permanently. For instructions, go to Delete or unsubscribe from a calendar.

    Note: An archived class stays in Classroom until you delete it. That’s why an archived class’s calendar still shows in your Google Calendar.

More information can be found here: https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/answer/6149813?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en

REMINDER: Software Compliance With Ed Law 2d

As we enter the summer a reminder that the district will be reviewing all of the software used by teachers and students to ensure compliance with NYS Education Law 2d. and Part 121 which was adopted by NYSED in January 2020. Ed Law 2d seeks to prevent the unauthorized release of personally identifiable information (PII).

Ed Law 2d Part 121 requires that all software vendors that access personally identifiable information (PII) meet certain criteria to protect data, and that the vendor also signs the districts parent bill of rights.

There is no action required on your part, however I wanted to remind everyone that if a vendor does not meet the requirements you will not be able to use that piece of software in the upcoming school year.

We encourage you to check the list of software approved by the district frequently especially when school resumes to make sure the software/website you want to use is on the list and has been approved.

If a piece of software you want to use is not on the list please submit a technology help ticket so it can be properly reviewed.

Reminder: Staff Laptop Collection 6/24 & 6/25

I am writing to let you know the Technology Department will be collecting laptops from all staff members as we approach the end of the school year. Collection of equipment will allow the Technology Department to perform updates on devices. We will not be collecting laptop chargers, but will collect Chromebook chargers.

Staff Laptop Collection Will Be: 6/24 & 6/25 7am-3pm at BHS

We will be asking staff members to drop off district issued laptops at the entrance to the BHS Library. This will give us the ability to utilize the BHS Lobby to allow for social distance.

*Staff members that were issued a district Chromebook should return the Chromebook as well.

Collection Process

It is preferred that each staff member returns the equipment issued to his/her.

To better assist the Technology Department, staff will be required to complete a brief "Technology Collection Survey" which can be found HERE, prior to returning your laptop. This survey will help the Technology Department repair any issues with your machine and help set it up correctly when it is returned to you.

If you have an extenuating circumstance and cannot return your laptop on either 6/24 or 6/25 please submit a technology help ticket and we will work with you to schedule an alternative time.

Things To Consider

During the updates the content on your laptop will be deleted including, but not limited to, photo's, video's, documents, etc... In preparation for the collection process you are strongly advised to back up your content to Google Drive. If you need additional assistance please submit a Technology Help ticket prior to 6/18.

If you have unused, broken, or obsolete technology equipment in your classroom that needs to be removed please submit a technology help ticket ASAP. Please include a description of the equipment, whether it works or not, and the specific location in which the equipment can be found. During the summer a member of the Technology Department will remove the equipment. Please do not send technology equipment to the Technology Department, a ticket must be submitted.

When will laptops be ready?

We anticipate laptops will be available to be picked up beginning the week of 7/5. We will send an email communication when they are ready. If you have an extenuating circumstance in which you need your laptop sooner, please send a technology help ticket and we will work with you to accommodate your need.

Thanks again for your hard work!



Have a Great Summer!

On behalf of the Technology Department, I would like to wish everyone a great summer! My department has admired the way faculty and staff have adapted the way they do things as a result of the pandemic through the use of technology. At times it has been a chaotic and stressful school year, but we have persevered! We hope you have a restful summer and look forward to supporting your technology needs throughout the summer and into next school year.

Best regards,