Mechanical engineering technician

By: Jake Gesick

What is a mechanical engineering technician?

Mechanical engineering technicians produce plans for manufacturing machines or products, design or modify tools, test machines, and record data.

What class should you take?

Good classes to take in high school are: "Electricity and Electronics, Engineering Design and Development, Mathematics for Technology and Engineering, and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra." (WisCareers)

As far as college, I would need a "Associate degree in mechanical design or engineering technology." (WisCareers) for this kind of degree it would take two year so college

How much would schooling cost?

For college if you went to Ivy tech community college, IN it would cost $3,000 per year and you need 2 years of college to get an associate degree So 2 years= $6,000 for tuition


The typical salaries range from $33,390 to $72,620 per year.

Cost of living???

(All in cost of 2 years)

Tuition: $6,000

Supplies: $1,000

Housing: $24,000 (if no roomate and includes utilities)

Food: $6,400

Gas: $4,200

Other: $6,000

2 years of schooling totaling: $47,600

Pros and Cons


1) cost of tuition is cheep

2) pay will get higher

3) normal hours


1) cost of living would still be high

2) pay will be Low at first

Where did all this info come from?

All of this info came from:

1. Wiscareers

2. Ivy tech community college website