Now & Later Contest Update!


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Congratulations Team!!

We still have an opportunity to be in the running to win the Now + Later team Pop Up challenge, but we need to get all our Pop Ups in the system TODAY!! Let's do it! xoxo

Looking for the right words? Yep! Me too! It is easy to say book those pop ups, but until you know just what to say and how to say it's not always easy. These call script ideas are for you to use or modify, but go for it. I am always a little surprised at how awesome the response is when I pick up the phone and ask!

I am amazed at our list of Top 20 Team Merchandisers right now!! WOW!! A great mix of brand new + veteran merchies showing that success is possible no matter where you are in your C+I journey!

1. Vicki Laude $976 11. Kathleen Anglero $127

2. Coleen O Brien $796 12. Cassandra Audas $124

3. Caroline Christensen $604 13. Sara Torbett $110

4. Judie Rahman $344 14. Aimee Rooks $108

5. Erica Comparin $256 15. Rachel Beechboard $84

6. Giselle Perez $203 16. Chelsie Miley $76

7. Jacqui Smith $129 17. Teresa Baker $66

8. Amalia Lewis $151 18. Teresa Pagan $29

9. Lauren Ripple $137 19. Kellie Northup $26

10. Elizabeth Qualls $130 20. Victoria Deitz $22

Congratulations to everyone on this list! Maintaining consistency in your business and your outreach is something that will always benefit you! Our area for potential growth this month lies in each persons ability to have a meaningful event or two before the end of the month and to plan for February. What is it that you shoot for on a consistent basis each month and how will you reach that number?

I am reaching out to my network and making this month all about giving back. Whether you want to donate a portion of your commissions to a charity that is meaningful to you, or ask your ladies to bring a piece of jewelry they no longer wear to donate to a women's shelter, or ask each person to bring a canned good for a local food pantry there are so many ways to incorporate giving back and the the whole theme of love into your events. This is an exciting time of year! With Valentines coming right up we have plenty of opportunities for gifting. If you have a great idea please share it on our Facebook page!

And last of all make sure to be on the National Webinar tonight at 9pm. The National Chloe and Isabel webinars are every Tuesday at 9pm! Use this link to register

Make it a great day Sweet Bees!! xoxo Janet