Water Shortages!!!

Global Water Crisis

What is the Global Water Crisis????

Water is an important essential in our lives. 2 Billion!!! people lack of clean water and 1 billion! don't get enough in their lives. Why don't people get enough water? Well in a lot of areas are dry, and some people cant drink water from where they live, because there water is to dirty to drink and they cant clean it either.


Information to know!!!

If we don't get enough water, we'll be effecting our health, Hunger, education, and poverty. Less water also means sewage does not flow. (Sewage): Waste Water.Plus we all use water! We use it for use for showering, Cleaning dishes, drinking, cooking, etc. So we can stop and use less water, and give it to people who cant get or drink water. Some people may ask, "Are we in a drought?", and we are. According to this website http://www.cityofventura.net/water/FAQs this is our 4th consecutive year, and there is no sight of ending!


Some Pictures that can help us! For inspiration.

When your camping and you run out of water. The first thing that comes into your mine is I need water. Well you come across a stream, you take a sip, but after a while you get sick. Well you might have a disease called "waterborne". Waterborne is caused by contaminated water from humans and animals.


Can We End The Water Crisis???????

We can not end this water crisis we have. It’s too big for humanity to beat down and conquer. We’ve passed too many tipping points – with climate change and with population growth and with human behavior – to be able to turn an extremely critical situation around.