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January-February 2016

A Note From Our Staff

Welcome, 2016! We are excited to announce the events that are happening now and are yet to come with this new year. The Chronicle staff would like to extend a note of appreciation to the students and staff of the Crestwood School District. If you're looking for upcoming events, or a recap of this year's finest, you're in the right place. Sit back and enjoy our heartfelt addition of The Chronicle.

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Chronicle Staff

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! It’s the day where people show their appreciation for that special someone in their life. Junior Karli Bigler says, “I think it’s a cute idea, but sometimes people go overboard.” If you are ever worried about going over the top, here are a few gift ideas and places to go out to eat that will make that special someone happy and will make your wallet even happier.

Inexpensive Dating 101:

Where to take your date for under $10. Some ‘hot’ places you could take your date are Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Chipotle, and Wendy’s. After going out to eat, follow up with a cute gift, whether purchased or hand made.

After a survey was taken, most gifts wanted by women on Valentine’s Day are: chocolate with 76%, followed by roses with 16% and coming in last was diamonds with 8%. There are also the mass of people who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Junior, Charlie Snyderburn comments, “I never really had an opinion on Valentine’s Day since I never celebrated it. I guess it’s almost a lost cause to me.” Valentine’s Day can be a hit or miss with some people, whether you are celebrating it with a loved one or just friends, a little something can always make them feel special.

Written By: Nicole Hocevar

What's In?

Every year, trends in fashion change along with the seasons. The current style for the winter of 2015-2016 are fringe, boho and fur according to Molly Lind, fashionista and owner of Knuth’s Boutique. Boho is short for bohemian, which consists of long flowing or tiered skirts and a tunic complemented with wooden jewelry and flat sandals. This is often seen as a “hippie look” because of the layered and colorful look.

While observing the trends at Crestwood High School, it was noticed that combat or some other kind of boot and high socks were common with the girls in the school. Senior Nicole Hocevar has a different take on the boots and socks trend: “I normally wear Ugg boots and fuzzy socks. You can never go wrong with fuzzy socks.” For the guys, cuffed pants and plaid flannels are in style.

A small look into the future, Lind says, “the color for Spring is pale baby pink.” That is what is in for the Winter of 2015 and 2016

Written By: Ryan Erway

This Isn't Your Typical "Winter"

The winter season is in full swing, though the unusually warm weather has put a stop to some of the common winter activities. With temperatures well above average in Ohio, the morale at Crestwood High School has been at an all time low. The usual snow days that keep students excited for the winter months are missing, the snow ball fights hardly seen from the lack of snow. Compared to last year, students were in school for less than ten days in the month of January. This year, teens have had to get creative to bring happiness back to the grass filled winter days.

For the first time, Ski and Snowboarding Club has been brought to the high school level. This new activity has kept the winter spirit alive during times of 50 degree weather. Junior, Haley Brady is excited about the new opportunity. “We get to play in the snow and it makes me love winter again! I enjoy the days we get to go Skiing, and look forward to it.”

Another popular diversion that students have taken to is ice skating. “I’ve always loved ice skating. There’s something so refreshing about it all, otherworldly,” shared Crestwood alum, Madeleine Sorrick.

Despite the warm temperatures and lack of white, the small town of Mantua refuses to give up its love of winter. With Ski and Snowboarding Club, ice skating and various other winter activities, students have found a way to bring morale back to the hallways of Crestwood High. However, hopes of snow filled skies and early morning snow day announcements are still lingering desires.

Written by: Karli Bigler and Clay Jackson

Wild Winter Patterns; Warning for Drivers

Winter is here and with it typically comes ice and cold. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep supplies in your car incase of an emergency. Opposed to past Ohio winters, 2016 has been extremely mild. However, it’s been to be safe than sorry.

Winter possesses some potentially dangerous driving conditions, with ice covered roads and snow filled air. According to the Federal Highway Administration, about 24 percent of all car accidents are weather related and there is a large likelihood of danger on the roadways this season.

In the eventuality of an emergency, there are a number of things to help you stay safe while driving. Things to keep inside of your vehicle include: blankets, a jacket, an ice scraper, jumper cables, flares, hand warmers, and a shovel. Academy English teacher, Ms. Kuchta, suggests having non-perishable food as well. “When my blood sugar drops, I’m worthless. Having peanuts in my car keeps me focused, especially if I ever get caught in something like a snowstorm.”

When driving in winter weather, avoid being behind the wheel when fatigued, use the seatbelt every time you operate the vehicle, and always pay attention to the road. When driving in the snow, accelerate and decelerate slowly and proceed with a cautious speed. Winter driving is a risky endeavor, but is often a necessary one. Thus remember to practice extreme caution when out and about on the snow and ice laden roads.

Written by: Bradley Woodrum


Boys' Basketball Gets "Cultured"

Starting the year off with a PTC win against Rootstown, Crestwood Red Devils Varsity Boys’ Basketball has shown promising results. The team has a PTC record of 4-3 and a non-conference record of 9-4-2.

After talking to Mr. Dean and asking him what his expectations for this year were, his response was, “Well, after talking to the new coach [Jakacki], we decided not to have any expectations because this year is is about a cultural change.” Mr. Dean is very excited about the “positive energy” and the “growing accountability on and off the court.”

Mr. Dean concluded with, “If we were 500-0 or 0-500 it wouldn’t change how I feel about the team, because of the changes they have made culturally for this school, and that because of their changes I see more students at every game.”

After telling a junior varsity starter, Colton Rahach what Mr. Dean said, Rahach’s response was, “I completely agree with Mr. Dean this year. I can see the difference in everyone on the team, and in the student section. This year's basketball team has shown their hard work on and off the court, for the game, and for our school's culture.”

Written by: Caleb Gula

Girls' Basketball Comes to an End

The 2015-2016 basketball season is almost at its end. The Lady Red Devils Varsity Team currently holds a record of 7-13, with the Junior Varsity trailing 6-13. The young team, with only three seniors, hopes to end the season with a big win.

On Monday, January 25th, the team beat the Mogadore Wildcats. When the girls first played against the skilled team, they lost by 30 points. However, the second game went much better for the Lady Devils. Playing a long and hard game, the Devils pulled out a huge win, beating the Wildcats by 29 points. The game was one of the biggest victories of the year. “The beginning of the season was rough, but we all grew really close as a team and learned how to work together on the court. The Mogadore game was definitely one of the highlights of my senior year- it makes me really sad to think that my last year of basketball is almost over,” Amanda Lerchbacher, a four-year player said.

The Mogadore game isn’t the only exciting thing this season. The freshman were a huge influence on the upperclassmen and the coaches. Jessica Mazanetz, the 2nd year assistant varsity coach, said, “The freshman this year are excited and athletic, with an eagerness to learn.” This statement proves true as more than one freshman sported a varsity jersey.

With a young team and the loss of skilled players, the Lady Devils worked hard and did their best. The girls will soon reach the PTCs and end their season. February 6 marks the end of the season with their final game against Lake Center Christian. February 13, at noon, marks the first tournament game at West Branch High School.

Come out and support your Lady Red Devils!

Written by: Karli Bigler

Indoor Track

Crestwood’s Indoor Track Club started practicing the week after winter break every Tuesday and Thursday at Crestwood Middle School. Practice is from 3-4:30pm. Both the boys' and girls' teams have large goals for the outdoor season and indoor practice will be a great help to all of the runners.

The group participated in their first meet on Saturday, January 23rd, and will also compete in a meet at Akron on February 20th. There are the usual track events held at these meets but no 100m dash: It has been replaced by a 60m dash. Also, the track is not a typical 400m track. The indoor track is 300m long. The meets are all day, beginning around 8 am and running until 5 pm. Participating in an event costs $10. The meets are not mandatory, club members do not have to compete. The top 25 places in division ⅔ will be invited to the OATCCC state track meet at The University of Akron.

The club always has a lot of success, and a great way to help runners decide whether or not to participate in outdoor track. The group is always looking for more runners, so come to Mr. Kerst’s room in the Middle School after school Tuesdays and Thursdays! If you need any other information go to or email coach Kerst at

Written By: Michael Picone

Underwater Headlines

The Crestwood Swim Team is having a very successful year. The team is larger than previous years, and both boys and girls are aiming for winning seasons. The coaches are Clayton Faust, a Crestwood alumni, and Cheryll Goggin, the secretary in the guidance department. The coaches put in an immense amount of effort to make the team better by working on many different things each practice to achieve a well rounded workout. The boys' team has been extremely successful this year, breaking two school records. The boys' roster includes Blaine Sorrick, Colson Faust, Sean Brooks, Sam Oliphant, CJ Harbaugh, Brandon Caldwell, Jarret Catcott, Colin Brooks, Nick Gutowski, Darren Moon, Felix Kotkowski, Bill Harrison and Ephraim Oliphant.

Coach Clayton Faust is optimistic about the outcome of the season. “The Crestwood Swim team is entering its final weeks and the team is right on track to post another accomplished season. Nearly every swimmer has set a new personal record in at least one, if not more, events and the team has broken multiple records for the second year in a row, including one that stood for almost fifteen years, the 400 Free Relay. Not only did they break it, it was crushed by six seconds!”

Faust also spoke about reasons students should join the swim team and the benefits of doing so. “Swimming is the lowest impact, high intensity sport a student can participate in at Crestwood. There is no wear and tear on an individual’s joints and extremities like other sports such as football or soccer. It is an excellent way to condition your body in the off season without the high risk of injury. We welcome all skill levels, Water is a great equalizer and it takes dedication to learn all four strokes but by the end of the season, even a newcomer who couldn’t complete two lengths of the pool in November will be logging hundreds if not thousands of meters per practice in February.”

The last home meet was the swim team’s senior night against Barberton on February 2, 2016, ending the season with a splash!

There are eleven seniors on the swim team, Romie Schweickert, Courtney Capel, Brittany Caldwell, Antonella Ramos, Isabel Hysing, Emma Canepa, Alyssa Campbell, Colson Faust, Jarret Catcott, Sam Oliphant, and Brandon Caldwell. Some of the seniors have been participants of the team all four years of high school, and some even swim in the off season.

The team is very close; they have team bonding once a week and team breakfast on Saturday’s. The swimmers will be taking on Sectionals on Saturday, February 13 in Akron. They hope to be among the top thirty swimmers that go to Districts at Cleveland State.

Written by: Blaine Sorrick

Super Bowl 50

This year's Super Bowl is quite possibly one of the most important NFL Championships coined Super Bowl of all time, iteration 50. The 12-4 Denver Broncos will face off against the 15-1 Carolina Panthers on February 7 at seven o’clock.

The Super Bowl has become a national holiday for most families in the United States. Friends and family gather around the television to watch the most important football game of the year and the commercials that bring joy to everyone. The National Football League has taken over the day of Sunday, becoming a way of life for many, a major league sport that has taken over an entire day as well as Monday evening. A profusion of anticipation just for this one game.

The Panthers were the dominant football team for much of the year, destroying nearly every team they were pitted against. The team scored an average 31.2 points a game, leading the entire NFL, while their passing game is not as strong as their rushing offense which, putting up 142.6 yards a game, showcased their dominance by running past or through the defense.

The Denver defense is ranked 10th in the NFL, thus it will be difficult for them to stop the offense but they typically find a way to succeed. The Broncos possess a special weapon: Peyton Manning. Manning, being a little banged up during the regular season, was not able to perform to his full potential but now recovered and the with the high stakes the true #18 will shine. The game is expected to be a close match but experts believe that the Panthers will ultimately conquer.

Written By: Nate Lind

What's Happening Around CHS

Ski and Snowboard Club Lifts Winter Spirits

Despite the unseasonable lack of snow, the new Ski and Snowboard Club has gotten off to a successful start. The first two trips to Brandywine Ski Resort, which occurred January 11 and 25, resulted in many tired but happy middle high schoolers.

Sixth grader Ethan Brady says, “My whole family knows how to ski and now I’m learning too. It’s kinda cold, but it’s so much fun that I don’t even care.”

Ski and Snowboard Club will occur on most Mondays after school throughout January and February. The members have over three hours to enjoy themselves on the slopes. Until the students have passed the highest level of ski or snowboard instruction, lessons for everyone are required and usually last about an hour. In the time not taken up by lessons, there are many activities for members to fill their time. Learning tricks, improving their skills on the eight trails offered at Brandywine, and relaxing over dinner in the lodge are just a few of the endless possibilities.

Written By: Melina Edic

NHS Service Projects

National Honor Society is a program designed to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character among high school students. There are five student-elected officers: president is Sam Oliphant, vice president Courtney Capel, treasurer Amanda Lerchbacher, secretary Morgan Faldowski and historian Clay Jackson. The 2015-2016 NHS is filled with some of the best minds and leaders in Crestwood High, meeting the 3.4 or higher GPA and application requirements. This year, Crestwood High School’s NHS members have embarked on this year's service projects including Jake Ondash organizing a co-ed dodgeball tournament and Nathan Pallatto performing music at a nearby nursing home. He commented, “It was all about putting a smile on the faces of others and helping any way I can.”

Written by: Adam Fitzgerald

Student Council Members Host Projects for Crestwood

To kick off the new year, the Crestwood Student Council has begun planning a variety of projects to benefit the school, staff, and students. The council, lead by Mrs. McMahon and Ms. Kuchta, has been striving to make Crestwood a better, stronger school system. Some projects, such as the ones lead by council member Kelsey Haberger, aim to support the staff of the school through awareness weeks and fundraising events.

Haberger’s awareness week is dedicated to the Janitorial Staff here at Crestwood. The Janitor week begins on February 29, 2016, and runs until Friday, March 4, 2016. During that week, the council will be decorating the janitorial closets, as well as using the display case to honor our custodial staff. On Wednesday, February 24, 2016, Haberger plans to serve dessert to the staff and students after school. To conclude her project, she plans to host a benefit dinner on Friday, March 4, 2016.

The Student Council works exclusively to improve our school district, whether it be through appreciation weeks or fundraising projects. Haberger is one of many students who work toward this cause. The combined efforts of the Student Council provide several benefits to our district, and are a crucial part of our community.

Written By: Wesley Baird

Eighth Grade Students Show Interest In What High School Has To Offer

On Thursday, January 21, 2016, Crestwood High School put on their annual Eighth Grade Night. This event is put on every year for the eighth graders to observe classes and clubs that they may want to take in high school. Extracurricular sports were also advertised and encouraged students to join in on the fun.

Crestwood High School Counselor, Tracy Kuntz, said that “this is the sixth year Crestwood has put on Eighth Grade Night. The purpose is to help the eighth graders and their families transfer from middle school to high school and help them be more successful in their high school careers.”

The gymnasium was packed with eighth graders and their families. Kuntz also stated that “the event ran smoothly and was given a positive review from the eighth graders and their parents.”

Jessica Mazanets, a history teacher at the high school, feels that “it helps the 8th graders that high school students run the event. It gets them excited about clubs and classes and seeing the high schoolers being excited for what they are there to support.”

The incoming freshman class will be well prepared next August when school comes once again.

Written By: Matt Thompson

Upcoming Events

Veteran's Dinner

Coming to the Crestwood High School cafeteria on February 6th at 6 pm, the Academy classes will be holding a Veteran’s Memorial Dinner. Tickets are $8 at the door.

The Academy class has decided to step it up a bit in hopes of a better attendance. Previously, the Academy has held a spaghetti dinner with only spaghetti and meatballs. This dinner will provide a wider variety of food with the option of either chicken parmesan or spaghetti and meatballs. After dinner, guests can enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee and some of their favorite desserts at our one of a kind dessert bar.

The Academy has partnered with the Concerned Veterans of America in order to make the dinner a success. Senior Audrey Klatik has been assigned the event coordinator for the fundraiser and has been working very hard to make sure everything is going as planned. She exclaimed, “I am known as the coordinator. We have assigned position assignments to all Academy Students pre-event and during the event. I am helping, along with Ephraim Oliphant, to inform the Crestwood sports teams about the Veteran’s Dinner and to let them know that they are invited to join, with their families, on February 6th.”

With the Academy’s hard work and great attitude this Veteran’s Memorial Dinner will be a major success for both CVA and the Academy. Hope to see you there!

Written By: Mike Snodgrass

An Enchanting Evening Under the Sea

Dance the night away this year “under the sea” at the Father Daughter Dance! The event, hosted by Crestwood’s Leadership class, will be held on February 27th from 6 pm to 8 pm at Crestwood High school. Girls are encouraged to dress up in their best dresses, and the men are expected to look sharp.

"I am so excited to see all the little girls! They are always so happy and energetic. Seeing their faces light up with joy when they dance, makes my day. I personally love helping with this event, because of these wonderful children and their smiling faces, I love dancing with them!" Jacquie Deuley, a junior in the Leadership Class, exclaimed.

Tickets are $12 per person. Flyers were sent out in the Crestwood Comments for ticket purchasing details, and tickets will be for sale at the door. During the dance, girls of all ages can partake in crafts and under the sea activities. Ladies will be given small party favors and a goodie bag after the dance. J Michael will be onsite, taking and selling 4x6 pictures for an additional cost of $5. There will also be a fun photo booth. All proceeds from the dance will go toward the CHS Leadership Retreat.

Written by: Amanda Lerchbacher

Father/Daughter Dance

Saturday, Feb. 27th, 6pm

10919 Main Street

Mantua, OH


Saturday, February 27th, 2016 6:00-8:00 P.M. At the Crestwood High School.


Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door. Ticket price includes light refreshments, crafts and activities, and favors.

J Michael Photography will be onsite for those who wish to purchase professional photographs.


Registration forms can be found in the link below.

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