Athena and the Arachne

The Greek Myth

Plot of the myth

Athena meeta a young woman named Arachne who felt she had superiority over the goddess before her. She thought she could weave better than Athena he Goddess of wisdom. She challenged her to a weaving contest, they both aproved. Athena started weaving a beutiful tapestry but sadly so did Arachne. Athena was being inslted and joked of by Arachne. Arachne starts to shrink and become weak. Athena has turned her in to a spider. Arachne now understands to never challenge a god or goddess ever again.


Athena is the goddess of wisdom, statecraft, and war. In some Greek mths Athenas moher was swollowed by Zeus and then became preganant. Athena came fully grown out of Zeus brain.

Main Charachters

D' Aulaires' Book Of Greek Myths