Before I Die

By: Lauren Smith


I want to go on a mission trip to Africa for a year and submerge myself in the humbleness and joyfulness of the culture. I want to give my time in the communities there that suffer from poverty and starvation.

I want to adopt a few children from Africa who are homeless to give them a loving home.

I want to become a kindergarten teacher and shape the relentless and darling children who are so eager to learn. I want to laugh at their silly stories and smile in their great accomplishments.

I want to have a family who loves each other and enjoys their company. I want to spend countless summers watching my sweet and crazy little ones grow into inspiring individuals.

I want to travel all over the world to see God's impeccable creations. My first couple of stops would be Israel, Italy, and Bora Bora.

I want to swim with sharks in South Africa with the Great Whites. I hope to see the magnificent creatures up close in person.


I have talked to my senior pastor about the trips they take during the school year to Africa. I have been saving up money and looked into what exactly I would need to make this happen.

I have watched videos about adopting children and have witnessed adoptions around me. I have thought about what age group I would adopt and have decided on toddlers.

I have been taking a internship through the BCTAL in which I spend many hours in a kindergarten classroom at W.A. Porter. I also work with children at my job. I have been accepted to Tarleton State University for next year as an elementary education major.

I have spent time with my family soaking up the great examples from my mom and dad to serve as a platform for my future family.

I have talked to my mom who works for american about flights.

I haven't convinced any one to do this with me yet.


I hope to accomplish this sometime while I'm in college.

I plan to do this in my late twenties.

I hope to do this right after I get my degree at 21 years old.

My late twenties for the rest of my life.

Before I die... even when I'm 100 years old I hope to continue to travel.

As soon as possible!

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