Anctient Europe

Ancient Greece

More than 2,500 years ago peolpe had settled in Greek. Citiezens share in running the government of Ancient Greece.

The Roman Empire

people choose their leaders in the republic. Justice standard is still use as today.


They take proof that Jesus was the god's son. Jesus was kill by the roman authorities becaues they didn't want a bad reaction.

Rome's Decline

Byzantine Empire last about a long time ago. The rome have ended the Wester Roman Empire.

A Christian Europe

Rome was lead by a pope. The Roman Catholic Church was important to Rome to help people lives in Christianity.

The Middle Ages

after Charlemange death his Empire broke up. At that point there were no strong goverments to help the Western Europens.

The Crusades

Europe gather alot of volunteers like into armies to get back the holy lands. The Crusades had a major impact on the Europeans.

The Renaissance

Parts of Erope were recovering from the black Death. People took an interest in the cultures.

The Reformation

The protestants swept through Europe. Church leaders was challenged by kings and queens.

Euopean Exporations

Europe's kingdoms grew stronger. portugal wanted a easier way to get exotic spices from india.