Snuggle Julian

Meet the Sweetest Soul we know!

Julian Kampfschulte is a sweet, 7-year-old boy with a big heart and an even bigger smile. He loves drawing, playing pretend "animals," the iPad, Legos, and video games. He loves playing with (and annoying) his two sisters, Casey (age 10) and Quin (age 3), and he really loves his mom and dad. Sweet Julian should have the rest of his life ahead of him to grow and play; however, the week before Thanksgiving, his family received a devastating diagnosis—Julian has a rare genetic degenerative brain disease known as Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD).

ALD is a progressive disease that will ravage Julian's brain; it has already begun to affect his vision and he can no longer hear. All of this has happened in only a few weeks. ALD will continue to wreak havoc on Julian’s mental and physical capabilities and will eventually lead to death. Unfortunately, there is no current cure for ALD; and Julian’s prognosis is grim.

Julian's family will need a tremendous amount of support. Thankfully there is always prayer, and we request that you keep Julian and his family in your daily prayers.

Over Thanksgiving, much of his family was able to gather together to snuggle their treasured boy; it was very hard but, they were kept afloat by love for all three children and each other. Julian and his family are learning sign language and his favorite thing to sign is “I Love You” and “More,” so that “No, I love you more” went back and forth between this sweet child and his family throughout the entire week!

How do you help a family headed on a journey to say goodbye? Our goal is to provide them with resources to help keep Julian as comfortable as possible and help the family enjoy and treasure their remaining time together. We are hoping there will be time to arrange a special reunion or vacation, so the family can create memories that they will hold in their hearts forever.

There is no way to know the length of time this little angel will be with his family, and what expenses will accumulate. Your generous donation will help relieve the worry of this financial burden, and bless them along the way allowing them to focus on the time they have left together.

Thank you for keeping Julian Kampfschulte and his family in your prayers. Your overwhelming love and support is simply amazing and is a beacon of light and hope. For more information on how to help along the way, contact

If you would like to contribute a financial gift to the family, please send a check made out to Kurt & Jenna Kampfschulte

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