Salicylic Acid

George Templin

Street Name

Salicylic Acid is commonly know as an acne remover or aspirin
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The image above is the layout of the chemical compound itself.

The Chemical formula for Salicylic Acid is C7 H6 O3.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Salicylic acid is a most commonly known as a dry powder. It is covalently bonding with 1 other unit. Salicylic acid is very poorly soluble in water. (2 g/L at 20 °C)

Fast Facts

Salicylic acid is toxic when consumed in large amounts. Salicylic acid esterfied with menthol becomes a synthetic oil of wintergreen which is used in mouthwash. Salicylic acid crystallizes in hot water up to 155 degrees Celsius.