National Mickey Mouse Day!

Celebrate this as a national holiday, every November 18!

So,why do I think that National Mickey Mouse Day should be considered a U.S national holiday?

Mickey Mouse is an easily remembered character, and is the official symbol of the famous Walt Disney, which is one reason why I think that he should have his own national holiday, not just a "special day". Another reason why this should be a national holiday is because all kids love Mickey Mouse, but they do not understand the actual history of him. So, if we made a real holiday all about the beloved Mickey Mouse, we can teach children that Mickey is not just any old mouse, but one of the first animated characters ever! I think that Mickey is an excellent symbol of happiness and glory, and we should certainly celebrate that!Also, I bet that children, and even some adults, would enjoy a fun holiday that basically orders you to sit around, watch Mickey Mouse Club House, and laugh at everyone's favorite mouse!

What do the teachers think about making National Mickey Mouse day a national holiday?

Mr. McEwen says, "I think that it would be great". When asked to explain why he thought the way he did, he responded with, " Mickey Mouse really was the first animated cartoon character, and Walt Disney sort of set the playing field for all the other animators. I think that that should be honored".

Mickey Mouse

This is the modern day Mickey Mouse!