Hemispherici-ty Dominence

Right brain


According to the test I am random , I like to jump from one task to another which is true because I really don't like going in order, depending on what I am doing at the time.


I like to process information I am given with a lot creativity and I don't like to follow rules and regulations. I would say this has a negative and positive influence on my life. The negative aspect is that in math I cant get some of the answers mainly because I don't like to solve things a certain way. The positive part is that its fun not being forced to do things a certain way.


Its easy for me to understand something that I can see or feel, mainly because it helps me process things. The positive thing about this is that its nice to have things that I can see to do things. The negative part is that there wont be things I can feel or see every time.

By : Nicole Enudeme