The Good Dragon

Paragraph 1

A long long time ago there lived a dragon called Jack and an evil black knight called Doom. Jack lived in a lovely cave in the mountains.

Paragraph 2

One day Jack said, “I want to go for a fly.” But at that very moment Doom was just at the cave entrance and heard Jack and was mad. He ran as fast as he could back to the castle.

Paragraph 3

He quickly told the wizard to make a potion to kill the dragon. Doom said to himself, “I am going to dress up like a dragon and give the potion. Just then the wizard said, “The Potion is ready.” So Doom got dressed as a dragon and got the potion and waited for the dragon to go home.

Paragraph 4

When he saw the dragon go home he started to go to the cave. Doom knew the dragon did not drink potions so he disguised it like an apple. Doom got to the cave and said ,“Is any body home.?” Jack said ,“Yes come in.” So Doom went inside and as he went inside he forgot which side had the potion on the apple.

Paragraph 5

The dragon noticed the apple was green on one side and red on the other side. When Doom got in the dragon said ,“Is that apple poisoned?” Doom was sweating .“No,” said Doom. “ Then can I have the green part ?” asked the dragon? “ Yes, ok you can have the red part!”

“This is yummy!” said Jack.“ Aren’t you eating?”

“No, I mean yes,”replied Doom.

Paragraph 6

But as he ate the apple he started to die, the real dragon that Jack should be meeting came and Jack lived happily ever after.