John Deere

Agricultural Inventor 1804-1886

Inventions that changed the way we farm

John Deere, the man that produced the first self scoring steel plow, changed the way we farm. He also made the first diesel engine. Then shortly after that he added a turbo to the engine; this supplied the power needed to get the jobs done that was unreachable before the diesel power. John mainly made already existing jobs easier, more time efficient, and also way less costly.
"I will never put my name on a product that does not have in it the best that is in me." ~John Deere

"Plow makers in different parts of the country are changing their styles and shapes to imitate ours." ~Charles Deere

Some interesting facts about John Deere

  • The first steel plow was made from a broken saw blade, in 1837
  • In 1858 John went into partnership with his son Charles, then it was called Deere and company

Family Background and Marriages

  • Born and raised in Rutland, Vermont
  • John's father left to go to England in 1808
  • He was married twice and had nine children
  • First wife, Demarius Lamb, In 1827, they had five children, Francis Albert, Jeanette, Ellen, Francis Alma and Charles
  • because Demarius died he married his Second wife, Lecinda lamb in 1867. had four children, Emma, Hiram, Alice and Mary

Current Status of John Deere and Co.

John Deere died over a century ago, but John's son Charles took over and made it a worldwide recognized company. It is currently a multi billion dollar company. Look at the link below to see current status of the income of the company.
  • Deere dominates the $23 billion U.S.-Canada market for farm equipment with a 60% share
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John Deere