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January 2022

Principal's Pen

Every year at this time people begin to see the break coming. It does not matter if it is students or staff there is an increased energy in the building. Things such as the Christmas concert, and the Christmas meal give an outlet for that energy and as much work and time goes into providing these things for the students, it is definitely worth it. It is not just the concert, but rather the time and energy put into practicing something that is going to be performed. The responsibility to yourself and those around you to do your part, and the courage it takes to get up on a stage in front of people and put yourself out there. The more experiences you can have like these the more you build resilience and are more willing to push yourself beyond your perceived limits.

The Christmas dinner is the other end of the spectrum. It is now the oldest kids in the school taking on the responsibility of providing for the others in the building. Some rise to the occasion, others struggle with it. Either way students learn something about themselves as well as what it takes to create things behind the scenes, rather than just being the ones to benefit from the work of others.

It is often difficult to see things from the perspective of others. I have watched staff and students put time and effort into various events over the last while, and have seen the benefits students get from being involved. This can be something as simple as the older kids helping to set up the stage for the benefit of the elementary kids. Some see what they are doing and how it is for others and so it is worthwhile, others take more time to understand the idea of helping out with things that they don’t directly benefit from. It is the opportunities to do these types of tasks that builds that ability to see outside of ourselves and understand that time spent for others can be valuable and important.

There is a saying that if you want to be ridiculed, just try being involved. Whenever you do something, or try to run anything you open yourself up to criticism and attack. We see this all the time when people who are the ones who do something get told how wrong they are by those who sit on the sidelines. It is only through time and experience that people decide if the balance between doing things for others is worth the criticism that comes with it. It is important to provide positive opportunities for students and staff willing to run things for those within our building so the balance tells them that all that time and energy is worth it, and so a legacy is built for others to follow.

Have a great holiday,

Greg Knot


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January Birthdays


Odin ~ Adrienne ~ Nadia ~ Myles ~ Emmett ~ Mason ~ Addison ~ Allyssa

Jade ~ Xander ~ Aaliyah ~ Abbigail


Mr. Hill ~ Ms. Deuel

Thank you to...

- The moms who baked up some treats for the staff room for the Christmas season!

- the ongoing support & donations to the music and playground fundraisers

- Belbutte Hall organization for the donation to Music and Playground


Bonnie Lybeck has been a caretaker in this school for many years. She announced her retirement this fall and she will be greatly missed. We wish her all the best in her next chapter of life and thank her dearly for the hard work she has put into the school.


Grade 5/6 Volleyball

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Elementary Volleyball ran for one month. Over the month we had practices twice a week. At practice, the kids improved on their passing, setting, and serving skills. Last Thursday we held a tournament here at the school. Both Medstead teams played well and had a lot of fun. The season was a great success.

-Mr. Hill

Chase the Ace for School Playground Fundraiser

Tickets can be purchased at these locations:

Innovation Credit Union - Medstead

Medstead Hometown Grocery

Ubettcha's Tavern

G-Mac's AgTeam

Glaslyn Agencies

The Liquor Nook

Rabbit Lake Hotel

Medstead Central School

$5 per ticket

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Lakeland Library News

Hours of Operation:

Tuesdays 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Fridays 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Librarian: Alison Fonos 306-342-4988

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Students and Staff of Medstead Central School

January 2022 Calendar

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