A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is one of the best classic books ever written. This story is about an old man named Scrooge who must change his ways to save himself in the afterlife. I enjoyed the transformation of Scrooge's ways from a grumpy man to a caring person. Scrooge was visited by his partner Marley, he informed Scrooge that if he does not change his view of others Scrooge will be weighed down in the afterlife. In addition I thought that the progression of Scrooge's like ability was intriguing as the story continued. When the ghost of Christmas past came, the ghost showed Scrooge what had happened in his past which created the man he is today. Seeing what had happened really made you change your perspective of Scrooge. Lastly, you should want to consider reading this excellent book is the fantastic detail. The way the book described the ghosts appearance created a implausible visual effect. In conclusion I think anyone would would enjoy this classic book, you will be continuing to guess what happens next!

Sacrifices Made

In the story A Christmas Carol Scrooge must sacrifice his selfish ways I order to save himself. He gave some of his hard worked fortunes to those who required it more than he did. As of Scrooge I also had to make a sacrifice in my own life. I had received a very important letter from the United States Snowboarding Association to go to a nation completion in Colorado, but in order to attend I had to miss a trip to go and see my aunt in Vegas.