"Fat Is The New Tobbaco"

Media Literacy -SAAd

It Says

”Fat Is the new Tobacco”

I Say

This quote is true because for the past months I have been seeing people drink pop rather than water when they are thirsty (Water is for thirst and others are for sips), also I have seen a lot of people that are just eating things that have a lot of fat in them like only Butter and jam in a sandwich, French Fries, Burgers. There is a similarity in both of them. When you drink a can of pop or if you eat fries when you are outside and there is no garbage bin nearby, you would probably just throw on the floor and that would harm the earth and when you are smoking a cigarette (cigarettes that contain tobacco) you are creating smoke and that harms the earth too.

It’s just that things that mostly have fat have bright colors and it is just attractive and also if you see a lot of people eating or drinking the thing you are gonna feel like eating or drinking that just like tobacco in cigarettes or any other type of drug that contains tobacco.

And So...

This matters because the more children keep on eating and drinking these things that contain a lot of fat the more child obesity there is.

What we can do to stop this is that we can put something other than sugar that doesn’t contain that much calories and fat or we can stop making these fat products and have some other healthier products.

What I think is best to do is control yourself from drinking or eating these fat products and maybe eat or drink them once a week and then got to once a month. These options are for you to choose.
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