Team Forging and Assessment Game

Team Up!

Are you forging a new team to venture on a new mission? Great! But then you will want to have a few things:

  • clarity of personal character strengths and ambitions
  • better recognition of each team member's unique powers and contribution
  • deeper knowledge of what the team mission will demand from all participants

TeamPG was designed to do exactly that!

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Team ON!

Your team is already forged and making progress? Even better! But maybe you would like to know the secret to your success. And finding out may even bring some new insights and opportunities to the table. And not from long serious talks or expensive consultancy. No, by having fun in a meaningful way!

TeamPG can help you:

  • understand your team better
  • create deeper and more sustainable connections between team members
  • optimise team member role distribution
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What others say

Junior Chamber International Leiden: "We really liked the set-up of the workshop. A clear introduction about the content, the right level of depth about creating personal avatars and an effective translation of the various avatars and missions towards the coherence within the team. A great experience with clear actions and focus on our collaboration as a result."

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Game on!

If you are interested in improving your team viability and effectiveness, and have a good time doing it, please contact me below! I will get in touch and explain how I can help.


I am an Inventor and I bring wisdom, cleverness and creativity to your mission. I do this by creating engaging tools for positive growth, where I combine coaching, training, technology and gamification.