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May 10, 2020



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5/12 -- 1st through 5th grade NEW student Enrollment begins

5/12 -- TK/Kindergarten Enrollment continues

Safety patrol 20 / 21

Attention Fourth Graders - are you interested in Safety Patrol next year?

The school Safety Patrol was established in 1935 by the San Diego Police Department and began just one school. Its purpose was to assist elementary school children across uncontrolled intersections on their way to and from school and to reduce the number of pedestrian and bicycle collisions involving elementary age students.

Mission: The mission of S.S.P. is to promote the safe crossing of elementary students to and from school and to provide classroom education to maximize the safety of students at all times.

The School Safety Patrol is in nearly 90 schools throughout the city. Fifth grade students make up nearly 1,000 SSP members whose job it is to cross children and adults safely at their school locations. They are selected, trained, and supervised on an ongoing basis by our School Resource Officer. Their jobs include:

  • Control pedestrian traffic
  • Control vehicle traffic
  • Watch and report traffic violations

The WWES Safety Patrol provides our students safe crossing of Matinal Drive 15 minutes before and after school. The selected students show an honest effort in school, and are positive role models for other students. They are selected on the basis of academic performance, citizenship, and maturity. They demonstrate the willingness to take responsibilities and give our children the safety they need.

Please follow the link to submit an application if you are interested in becoming a Safety Patrol Member.

We are also looking for parent volunteers to support this program.

Safety Patrol Applications due

5/ 25/ 2020 at 8 a.m.

Counseling Corner by Mrs. Zucchet

Since many of you will be reading this on Sunday I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of our Westwood mothers a very happy Mother’s Day! Mothers always do so very much for others, but that could never be more true than right now. On this very special day, I would invite all Westwood mothers to imagine for a moment that they are a large pitcher of water sitting on a dining table. And now imagine all those that you care for being glasses set around the table. Each time you do something for someone else, you are pouring a little bit from your pitcher into their glass. And that is all good unless your pitcher becomes empty because then there is simply nothing left to pour. So keep this visual in mind each day and make sure you are caring for yourself as much as you care for others so that your pitcher can continue to stay full.

One way to replenish your pitcher is to make sure to find moments throughout your day that are filled with laughter and lightheartedness. Laughter stimulates multiple physiological systems that decrease levels of stress hormones and increase the activation of the dopamine-dispensing reward system of the brain. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. With that in mind, may this Counseling Corner provide you with a Mother’s Day dose of lightness and laughter about the current situation we find ourselves in and may the rest of your day be filled with moments that nourish you and replenish that water pitcher. Enjoy!

In Wellness,

Teresa Zucchet

Westwood Elementary School Counselor

Office Hours: Mondays 1 pm - 3 pm and Tuesdays 2 pm - 4 pm


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We want to thank our wonderful PTA for our Staff Appreciation Gifts and the delicious lunch they provided and delivered Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to all of our staff working the Materials Distribution!!! You put a smile on our face and made our day much better!!!


We hope you enjoy this week's episode of Roadrunner TV


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Want to see the voting results California Young Reader Medal? Which books won for Roadrunner voters? Mrs. Whitelock has the results and a lot of other great information for you!!! Click the button below to find out all of the great things going on at the Library!!


We had a great turn out this week with material distribution. It was great to see everyone!!! For those of you who were unable to attend this week, we will be having distribution Monday, May 11 from 12:00-1:00 and Tuesday, May 12 from 10:00-11:00. You can return Library and Class books at this time as well as your registration forms.


We are in urgent need of a PTA Treasurer. We would like to turn over files and train someone before our current Treasurer moves on. PTA will not be able to handle financial transactions if this position goes unfilled. This is an important and mandatory PTA position that needs a volunteer as soon as possible Details about the position can be found at CAPTA.org Please let us know if you or someone you know is interested in this position. Please email information or questions to westwoodroadrunnerpta@gmail.com.