December Newsletter

Mr. Zimmerman's Room

Packed Full of Fun!

December has been jam packed with many different activities, events, concerts, and much more. The holidays bring many opportunities to build new memories. This newsletter will just give you a small taste of the joy that filled our classrooms this holiday season.

Colonial Crafts

Every year, the colonial crafts stand out as four incredible days of learning and fun. For four days, we set aside an hour and a half to make a craft that represents something from the colonial times. Mrs. Taraborelli teaches weaving with bracelets. Mrs. Griffith teaches calligraphy and homemade card making. Mrs. Gerber makes clove filled oranges, and I teach about the symbol of hospitality, the pineapple. We make a pineapple wall hanging and a pineapple dessert.
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Pancake Breakfast

On Saturday, December 5th the PTO organized the Annual Pancake Breakfast. It was great to see so many families there. Of course, the highlight of the morning is the kids singing and performing. I was so proud of the 4th graders and their joyful singing!

Speed Experiments

December brought a whole new type of science to my classroom. We moved from life science to physical science. We learned about gravity, weight, mass, Newton's Laws of Motion, inertia, friction, air resistance and so much more! The best way to learn science is by DOING! So, we did a few experiments to demonstrate inertia and speed. They were able to calculate the speed of a toy car and see the effects of gravity, friction, and other forces .
Speed Experiments

A Little 'Photo Booth' Fun!

Of course the holidays would not come around without a little bit of silliness. I created a little 'photo booth' for the kids to be merry and jolly! Check out how incredible these pictures turned out!
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Would the holidays be the same without a good, old-fashioned sing-a-long? I got out the piano and we put the kids together to sing some Fa-la-la's! Oh what fun... Sing a long to the video below for some extra holiday spirit!
2015-2016 Sing A Long

About Mr. Z

The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. Being a teacher is so fun during December. There is so much excitement and joy that the kids bring to the holidays! A tradition that my family has is to make boxwood trees. We use trimmings from a boxwood bush and make our own mini Christmas tree. We have been doing this every year for about 15 years.