Compare Jurassic Park/Frankenstein

Juan Estrada & Gilbert Ramirez




“ were in such a hurry to see if you could that you didn't take the time to wonder if you should."- Ian Malcolm

Ending Scenes

  • Similarities: In both ending scenes there are both characters who escape away from the antagonists(Being the monster victor created and the dinosaurs Hammond helped create). Both stories leave the imagination to wonder as both antagonists are still running around free without really knowing what they will do now
  • Differences: However there were certain differences between the two endings as well. In Frankenstein the creator of the monster being Frankenstein is killed by the monster. However in Jurassic park Hammond who wanted to push the limitations of science to bring back the dinosaurs did not die by the hands of his creations.
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  1. Robert Walton: Wants to explore places that no one has explored before. He tries to push the limitations of him and his crew to continue their journey however once Victor taught him the danger of blind ambition he backed down on his quest
  2. Victor Frankenstein: Wants to push science to the point where reanimation of a dead corpse is possible. To bring the dead back to life was his only goal until he actually succeeded which lead to the eventual change of victors quest that Victor's quest changed to wanting to destroy the life that he created .
  3. The Creature: After his abandonment at birth, the creatures sole purpose was to not be alone. Throughout the monsters journey all he had in mind was to fill the emptiness that loneliness gave him.
  4. Mr. Hammond: By using his humungous wealth Hammond spares no expense as he brings the dinosaurs back to life. Blinded by ambition he sees 11absolutely no problem with the recreation of creatures that have been dead for thousands of years.
  5. Dr. Grant: Dr. Grant quest began when he first stepped foot on the island. Having the purest of ambitions, Dr. Grant wanted to simply discover how the dinosaurs worked by observing them at the park. Once things turned chaotic his quest was to keep Mr. Hammond's grandchildren safe.