Marsh Weiss Newsletter!

Lots of info!! PLEASE READ!! 01/21/2015


I huge thank you to Ingrid for organizing the beautiful MLK mural and for all the parents who volunteered! It was very successful and the mural turned out beautifully! Check it out! It is hanging in our room!

Beautification Day!

Thank you all who came and helped make our school more beautiful!!!

Room 4 needs your help!

Mrs. Marsh Weiss and Ms. Sally are in desperate need of someone with super organizational skills!!

The cabinets and bins and bookshelves all need to be gone through and organized!

We finally heard from STAR that our classroom will not be used Mondays and Fridays afternoons so those will be our designated organizing days. This is why this project has taken so long to get going because we never really knew when the room would be empty.

If you are interested in heading up this project or helping out, please let me know!


Gala News for Room 4!! IMPORTANT!!!

Our Annual Gala is fast approaching and you know what that means? The competition is on for who can build the best Grade Basket! The basket that goes for the most money at the Live Auction on March 21, 2015 will win a Pizza & Ice Cream Party!

DOES ANYONE WANT TO HEAD THIS UP!?! Please let me know!!

To get started we have to come up with a great anchor item or two. For example, you reply, “ Hey, I have a vacation home in Palm Springs that I could donate for 2 nights”. Great! We have a theme. "Dessert Delight!” Don’t laugh, the names will be better by that night, I promise. We then throw out the idea to the whole class….maybe suggest some nice sunglasses, a gift card to Las Casuelas, tickets to the PS Tram and presto, we have a basket. Basically, after we get feedback from all of you, we’ll start to piece together the donations and create a basket.

Some ideas from the past years are as follows: Lakers Mania, The Ultimate Staycation (local luxuries), All Star (baseball theme) and Pop Rock (tickets to concerts & cosmetics).

Please get back to me if you you want to be in charge of this fun project!

And if any of you have anything we can start with or ideas for a theme. A box will be left in the classroom or can coordinate a pick-up with you once we get started. We must fill out and attach forms to the items once they start coming in. Here is a link to the donation form:

Please write "For Kindergarten Basket" somewhere on the donation form before you turn in your item. Very important: Please don’t turn in anything w/out a form!

This is one of the most exciting, biggest DEALS of the night so let’s WIN this and make loads of money for our kids!

Thank you!


Have you seen the awesome new spirit wear!?!?

Tables will set up out front next week on Wednesday (and Friday?) so take a look! Lots of new colors and designs to choose from!

Online will be up soon as well!

I will have those sale dates in the next newsletter!

100 day project!!

You may have noticed in your child's folder there is a REQUIRED project! Your child needs to display 100 pictures in a creative way!

It is due Feb. 2 so best to start now! It might make it a bit easier if everyday you child finds 20 pictures for their project. You it out a bit:)

Helping out in our class!

Ms. Sally needs helpers on Monday mornings to help organize and go through homework! She has had no help the last couple of weeks so if you can it would be greatly appreciated!!

We are also going to have fun crafts to do and more field trips so sign ups for those will follow!

Reading to our class!

Classroom Cleanup

There will also be fun days to have little classroom parties! Valentine's, St. patrick' if you would like to lead up one of these let me know!!

Ways to make money for our school

Let's keep up the good work by shopping at Amazon using this link:

We earned almost $800 in Amazon donations just since October when parents started at this link. That's the easiest way to earn free money for our school. (The Amazon Smile program gives us a smaller donation percentage so while we appreciate your help, it's better to use the above link by creating a short cut to it or following the link from


Every time you shop at Ralphs you could be earning a contribution for our school that doesn't cost you a dime. Each fall, Ralphs requires that you re-enroll your cards to select your community contribution.

To re-enroll your Ralphs card:

  • Go to
  • Click "My Account"
  • At the bottom of the screen, click "Enroll" under Community Contributions. Our organization ID is 82163. See more instructions at Ralphs website. You can also enroll your card for the first time if you're new to the school.

Also, register your VONS or Pavilions Cards!

Use NPO # 500000347


No more saving receipts to make donations through the Fresh & Easy Shop for Schools program. You can now register your Fresh & Easy Friends card and get up to a 5% donation on each purchase.

To earn each time you shop Fresh & Easy:

  • Create an account at Our Supporter ID is 901015159.
  • Click the "myEscrip" button on the top menu
  • Sign in with our Supporter ID 901015159 or your user ID and your password
  • Click the "Cards and Phone Numbers" link
  • Select "Fresh & Easy Friends Card" from the menu and enter your card number. Update your changes and you're all registered to earn. Easy!

IGive - - Register "FOWHE" using the "Choose Cause" box

Name Bubbles - - Enter FOWHE in the promo code box

Mighty Nest - - Click orange button at top right and enter in 90069 in search box

Target - - use school code 32972

Box Tops for Education - Clip and collect box tops from products you buy and put them in collection box in the hall!

Dates to Remember!

Thurs. Jan. 22 - SSC Meeting

Mon. Jan. 26 - STAR NOVA session begins

Tues. Jan 27 - Exec Board Meeting 8:30am B5

Wed. Jan.28 - Gala auction meeting 8:20am B5

Fri. Jan. 30 - FREE DRESS DAY