The Kisschen project

ESEUNE Business School living LAB

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The Kisschen Model.

Fernando Canales is an outstanding chef from Spain with international experience on gastronomy. His restaurant has been awarded a Michelin Star.

Fernando Canales came to China on June 2015, to leader a multicultural gastronomy activity at St Regis hotel in Tianjin. The event was a great success, 21 different media broadcasted his performance.

The key element for success in this project is that Fernando Already has a good image portfolio to be shown in China.

living LAB milestones for MBA 20015/2016

1/Get an agreement with the following type of entities in order to do the following activities:

A. Cooking activity with Children ( Contact Top Hotels, Top Schools, Top companies )

B. Cooking Show for Weddings ( Contact Top Hotels, Top Weddings organizers )

C. Gourmet consultancy and activities ( Contact the Beijing Castle )

2/ Contact Polo center at Tianjin to offer Gourmet consultancy for new restaurants and investors. This center is going to be the second highest building in the whole world, and is surrounded by luxury companies all around the area. It is located just beside eseune Business School.

3/ Create a business model following the example of the gourmet experience in El corte Ingles in Sevilla, wit the aim to create and international Franchaise. Create the whole market research and business plan. Present the project to different capital investors in Spain, China and USA.

The Team.

The project will be coordinated under the supervision of eseune living LAB in China, with weekly reports and feed backs to The Kisschen Team in Spain.

Living LAB Team: Nuria Celorio and MBA students.