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Mrs. Kelley's 3rd Grade Class Newsletter

February 2014 SHORT WEEK

Hello Families,

Thank you to all the families that donated items or their time to make our Valentine party such a fun event! Also, thank you for the many sweet treats, cards, flowers and gifts! I feel so lucky and loved.

We have a short week this week. Students have a holiday on Monday, Feb. 17. Wednesday at 8:00 am is the K-3 Variety show morning performance. Thursday is college shirt day. Thursday night at 6:00 pm is the Evening Variety Show performance. Lots going on!!

I am happy to report that our Super Sleepover basket fetched a "whopping" $160 at the Homestead Auction! That is fantastic! Thank you so much for your generous donations for the school fundraiser.

In your child's Take Home Folder there is an assignment for weather over the weekend. I don't usually give weekend homework, but I thought that would be a great time for kids to explore or the TV news weather forecast to see for themselves some of the things we have been discussing at school. Speaking of weather, I'm THRILLED that the forecast looks warm and sunny for next week. We have had WAY TOO MANY inside recess days lately and I know we are all excited to get outside and enjoy some sunshine!

Enjoy the long weekend!

Here is a rundown of our lessons for the week of February 17th:

Math: Geometry: Solids and Shapes Topic 14

Spelling: Words Their Way Lesson 19

Science: Weather

Writer's Workshop: Inventors research paper, Synonyms/Antonyms

Reader's Workshop:Hatchet, Finding "Theme" in a text

Social Studies: Inventors: Project Based Learning




Wed: Science (please return library books)

Thur: Library

Fri: Music

Homework Feb. 17-21:

My Third Grade Homework Kelley’s Kids

Week of February 17, 2014


No School


__Study spelling words and activity

__Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge

__ STAAR practices (due Fri)


__ Study spelling words and activity

__Math practice

__ Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge


__ Study spelling words and activity

(Test on Friday)

__Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge

__ Practice cursive


STAAR practices due

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