Mother A Child


Of All the Gifts That Life Has To Offer, A loving Mother Is the Greatest Of Them All.

Mother's Day is one of the most celebrated events in our calendar. This is the day where all mothers are reminded of their importance in our lives.

This Year I plead with all Mothers to come together and celebrate this Day in different style, in the truest meaning of the Mother!!!!!

This Year I say to all the Mothers .....Somebody out there is yearning for the love you have selflessly shared with your family, Somebody who has been robbed of this opportunity....

I say Mom ......bring together your friends, family , colleagues and ADOPT an Orphanage ..

Spend 4 hrs of your time, A BABY A MOTHER!!!

May 8, 2016 Make your contribution, give your time, adopt an orphanage.

For more information contact: Thozama Qoqa, 074 812 8386,

face book account : Thozama Qoqa