E. Coli

If you don't want to die don't get E Coli

What is Infected By E. Coli and How People Get The Illness

E. Coli is found in sources of food and water. Any food can get infected by this foodborne illness, water is also able to get infected. It is possible to get this illness in a few different ways like touching someone that has the illness already or eating a food that has E. Coli in it.

We Can Outsmart the Foodborne Illness By Following These Steps

There is many ways to prevent foodborne illness, one of the ways is by making sure you always cook food fully. Another thing to do is to not use the same cutting board for raw meat and other foods and don't use the same plate for cooked meat and raw meat so you avoid cross contamination. Also make sure you do not leave food in a room temperature area for too long. One more way is to only drink purified water.

Try to Avoid Getting this Illness because...

There are many symptoms to this illness like anemia, infections, and in serious cases, death. E. Coli is an illness that can make you sick and possibly even die so if you don't want to risk dying make sure you are safe with foods because it could be contaminated.