Queen Elizabeth 1 & her suitors

Sydni Quastad

Queen Elizabeth 1

She is the daughter of King Henry VIIi and Anne Boleyn. When her mother was killed two years after she was born she was considered out of line for the throne. Then when her half brother died after a short reign, her half sister Mary 1 to the throne. Then she succeeded Mary and she finally was queen . Then everyone wondered who she was going to marry....


Monday, Nov. 17th 1558 at 4:30pm

Westminster Abbey, London, United Kingdom

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Who wanted to marry her?

Elizabth had so many options of men to select from it was crazy. On one list I found there was almost 30 men that she courted with. She was proposed to many many times, but she always turned them down. Although she was always very kind to the men who pursuited her... below are a few men who wanted to marry her.

Why didn't she get married?

With Elizabeth being such a powerful person at the time many men wanted to marry her, but she never married and we wonder why. One reason could have been because she used marriage negotiations as key elements for her foregin policies. Just the idea of marriage for her gained lots of wealth for her. Another reason could have been she saw what happened around her when she was younger her mother was killed by her father and Queen Katherine was pushed away and died alone. So she never got married and remained single for her whole life. #SINGLELIFE

Who was Robert Dudley?

Robert Dudley was said to be the only man that the queen would even consider marrying. Him and the queen had been childhood best friends and the queen had always admired him. When Robert's wife died suddenly many thought that he had killed her just so he could marry the queen. Once she said that if she did marry one of her very own nobles it would start a civil war, so she needed a foregin ally. So they never got married but always remained friends. #FRIENDZONED

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Why was she called the virgin queen?

Elizabeth was known as the virgin queen, it sounds crazy because she had so many men throwing themselves at her, but she never had sexual relations with any of them. Back then people didn't usually lose their virginity until after they were married. She once said "I would rather be a begger and single than a queen and married." With her saying this it shows us how she felt about marriage, because she would've rather been single and poor than a queen with no power and married. She believed if she got married she would lose her power so she never did. She was born a virgin, lived as a virgin and died as a virgin. #VIRGIN4LIFE