Fantastic 4th Grade

Week of December 14

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4th Grade Instagram Page

4th grade has an Instagram page and we would like for you to follow us! We are only allowing parents to follow our page. If you have an Instagram page, please send me your username so I can identify you after you request access to our private page. The fourth grade page is called "Hedgcoxe_2017" and we can't wait for you to see the pictures that we post on our page!

Instagram Username: Hedgcoxe_2017

Important Dates

Friday, December 18 - Classroom Parties

Thursday, January 7, 2016 - Science Fair Entry Due

Reading/Social Studies

Reading / Social Studies: Unit 3 Week 4

Next week, students will review the following skills:

-Drawing Conclusions


-Synonyms and Antonyms


Students are Language MAP testing through next Thursday. There will be NO Spelling test next week.

Learning Targets:

Students will…

I can analyze the causes and effects of major events of the Texas Revolution.

I can compare and contrast two battles.

Language Arts/Writing

Students will be writing broad, yet distinct main idea sentences.

Writing Homework Packet:

Monday: p. 208 Main Idea - Don't Overlap Them!

Tuesday: p. 209 Main Idea - Don't Overlap Them!

Wednesday: p. 216 Main Idea - Broad or Narrow?

Thursday: p. 217 Main Idea - Broad or Narrow?


Unit 5 - Data Analysis

The mathematical focus of Unit 4 is solving problems by collecting, organizing, displaying and interpreting data. Students will represent data on a frequency table, dot plot, or stem-and-leaf plot and use the data to solve problems involving whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.


Monday: Create and Solve two 2-digit by 2-digit problems

Tuesday - Create and Solve two long division problems

Wednesday - Create and Solve two subtraction across zeros problems

Thursday - Create and Solve multi-step problems


Students explore how to stay safe and healthy in order to understand personal decisions and habits affect health throughout life.


  • compare nutrition labels for nutritional value to determine healthier options
  • plan a menu of healthy food incorporating a balance of nutrients
  • sorts foods based on their nutrients

Awesome Links (do not use Internet Explorer) (do not use Internet Explorer)

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Drawing Conclusions