The Life of an Earthworm

and death on Monday

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Earthworms don't have any natural habitat because they live almost anywhere with rich enough soil. As long as they stay underground with rich cold soil they'll be healthy and happy. Earthworms are very sensitive towards heat so that's why they prefer more cold soil. Earthworms have the ability to change their body temperature so that they can thrive in most environments.


Most species of earthworms share some similar traits or adaptations, such as their long body shape. However, different species of earthworms have adapted within the ecosystem. As a result, earthworm adaptations are many and varied. In all animals, types of adaptations can be grouped into three main categories: structural, physiological and behavioral.


Whats it like to be an Earthworm? Well if I were worm i'd probably dislike it you know being stepped on and all, burning to death on the sidewalk, and not knowing my own gender, but hey it cant get any worse right... Right? Well Earthworms have no eyes but they do have light receptors to tell whether their in the light or not, but one question... Why? Earthworms have no ears but are very sensitive to vibrations which hey use to tell if there's anybody nearby. Worms can breath in Oxygen and exhale Carbon dioxide just like us but they don't have lungs, they breath through their skin. So yeah it's pretty cool but it'd kinda suck at the same time!

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