1.Homes in the Middle Ages

Get comfy!

2. Middle Ages

A thousand year period after the fall of Rome


A place in which one's domestic affections are centered

3. Women in the house

The women in the house had most duties. The mother of the family had most duties. The girls learned how to take care of the house. If something happened to the father, the Mother could inherit land.

3. Men in the house

Men had little power in the house. Boys went to school during the day and went home or hunted at night.

4. What a great view!

For security purposes, windows, when they were present, were very small openings with wooden shutters that were closed at night or in bad weather. (www.Learner.org)

4. Family fun!

Many peasant families ate, slept, and spent time together in very small quarters, rarely more than one or two rooms.

5. Question time!

Where did women have most power?

5. Question time!

Why did houses have small windows?

7. It's a tight fit!

I would not like to live in a house in the middle ages because they were small and cramped.

8. Amanda Webb