Leadership Notes

March 2014

ASSIST Report Due MARCH 21st

Step by Step (From D. Treder)

1) Log in, top right, at:


(if you don't have login access, call or e-mail me)

- click on your building under "Institution":

- depending on your access level, you might first have to click on the "Search" button (you can leave the available fields blank);

2) Under the "Documents" column, click on the Ed YES! Report<http://www.advanc-ed.org/assist/s/portfolio/document/view?documentId=48345> hyperlink

3) Under the "Templates" column, this will let you know what diagnostic you need to complete:

- either the School Process Rubrics (40), the School Process Rubrics (90), the Interim Self Assessment, or the Self Assessment;

4) To create your required diagnostic:


a) Click on the "Diagnostics &Surveys" tab;

b) Click on the "Start Diagnostics" button;

c) Under "Choose a Template" pull-down menu, select the diagnostic you are tasked to complete (from step 3);

d) In the Description box, name the Diagnostic:

- as an example, use the year and the name: "2013-14 School Process Rubrics (40);

e) Click on the "Start" button;



a) Click on the "Diagnostics &Surveys" tab;

b) Click on one of the previously-created diagnostics – making sure that it was based on the same task you are currently assigned;

c) Click on the "Copy" button;

d) Rename the diagnostic in the "Description" box;

e) Click on the "Copy" button (again);

9) Complete the diagnostic by clicking on the hyperlink for each section;

10) When finished, the "Complete" button will appear – click on it;

11) Click on the Portfolio tab;

12) Under the Components column, you should see the diagnostic you completed;

13) Click on the "pencil” icon in the row of this diagnostic;

14) Click on the box next to the specific diagnostic you want to use (the one you just completed, probably);

15) You should get a green check in the Completed column, and the "Submit" button should appear – click on it – you're done!

A district-level person will then need to click on the "Approve" button (which will appear with the district-level login), for each school.

FYI- MEAP Results (Wahlstrom email)

I hope everyone is doing well. I have completed a second round of Fall MEAP 2013 Golden Packages. The update adds Blueprints, Multi-Year GLCE and Item Analysis Reports as well as state comparison data. Please forward this e-mail as appropriate. They can be accessed from your support site. The address and password are contained in the e-mail below this one.

Things you need to know about your data:

- Raw Score to Proficiency Level 2 Chart. I have created the preliminary Raw Score to PL2 Chart to show clients the percentage of points students had to earn on each MEAP test to be found proficiency level 2. I have modified the format so you can see by content area the history of the percentage of points required to be found proficiency level 2. I would like to direct your attention to Grade 8 Math, Writing and Science. It is obvious BAA is continuing to pick winners and losers by modifying the percentage of points required. Science is the most outrageous swing in points upward. Just think how many of your students would have been found proficient this year in Science had BAA left the percentages the same as last year? There needs to be more transparency on BAA’s part in explaining this unusual practice. The state of Virginia does not adjust the percentage of points required since first beginning testing in 1998.

- State Comparison Data. State comparison data has been added to this Golden Package Update. Please remember, the state data uses all students tested with a known proficiency level. Your data contains Full Academic Year students. Therefore, if you are at or below the state average, once the Top-to-Bottom-List is created this summer, the state’s data will include FAY students only as well and will move up several percentage points.

- Item Analysis Data. Item Analysis related reports have been added to this update. This includes Blueprint, Multi-Year GLCE, Item Analysis specialty reports including state comparison data on items.

- Top/Bottom 30% Reports. BAA has not released all the data necessary to calculate Top/Bottom 30% related reports. Four files are required to properly perform the calculations. The MEAP, MEAP Access, and MI Access student data files are available and have been loaded into our system. The fourth file is the Student Data Feeder School File. When it becomes available, we will add them to the system and complete the final update of your Golden Packages.

I will update you on any relevant issues as we continue to review the Fall 2013 MEAP data. Please let me know if I can answer any questions and assist in any way. Best wishes,


Mark G. Wahlstrom

MEAP: SC compared to County


Slides for each school will be completed soon.

If you need specific information email me!

Encourage teachers to join #COLchat on Mondays 9-10 p.m. EST

March 10th- Rick Wormelli

March 24th- Jon Gordon

Leadership Meeting

Thursday, March 13th, 12:30-4pm

8354 Cappy Ln

Swartz Creek, MI

MACUL: March 12-13

The following swcrk Teachers are attending MACUL.

Elms: J'aime Holderbaum (Presenting) Eureka McCormick

Gaines: Heather Loney

Morrish: Martie Piechowski

MS: Mark Alberda

HS: Lisa Kunkleman

MS/Dieck: Michele Corbat

The team will have guiding questions in order to frame tehir experience through the swcrk mission/vision. Expect them to share at a staff meeting.

* A team from Dieck went to the MI Science Conference last Friday. Great sessions!

Evals at Morrish

We will put together a plan to complete evals at Morrish.

K-5 admin and Dave Simonsen will take on a few teachers to go in and evaluate. This will be a score only.

Once scores, Rod and I will write the final evaluation. Sharon will run the student growth discussions in the spring and report progress.

This will take a team effort.

Thank you!


swcrk Family Technology Night

We are going to have a tech night. We will discuss at leadership.

May 5, 2014 at the PAC!

Should be fun!!

Bring ideas to Thursday's meeting on how to make this a success!

March 19, 2014 Early Release

This is building focused.

Please be ready to share agendas at Thursdays meeting with the group.

I am excited to work with the Morrish staff on innovative teaching and learning practices that p.m.

Sell More Books!!!!