Computer Hardware

Ed Darwin

Hard Drives and SSDs

A hard drive is basically a thing in your computer which saves and stores all the things you save on your computer. So What is an SSD?

An SSD is a lighter, thinner and smaller HDD (hard drive) which is used in much smaller and thinner computers like the macbook pro and air. There is a reason that the SSDs are so much lighter, smaller and thinner than the HDDs, it is because they are a lot more expensive. An SSD is called a solid state drive. An SSD is also a lot faster thn a HDD.

Optical Drives

Optical drives

An optical drive is a part in your computer where you would insert a disk or a blue ray or a CD and then your computer would play the disk. An optical drive is found in many differnt devices, such as; televisions, laptops and consoles. However, the new macbook pro does not have an optical drive basically because they are too thick. So, apple have said that you dont need an optical drive because you can access videos and thing like that from the cloud or the internet.