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Themes from Gilgamesh and The Odyssey

Overcoming Adversity in Gilgamesh

1. The fight with the monster Humbaba

"He struck him, Humbaba the guardian, down to the gorund." Although the elders of ramparted Uruk did not believe that Gilgamesh would be able to defeat the monster Humbaba. He was able to prove them wrong by defeating Humbaba with the help of Enkidu and the God Shamash. This shows how Gilgamesh was able to overcome adversity.

2. The killing of the Bull of Heaven

"And Gilgamesh, like a strong, skillful slaughterer, thrust his dagger between neck, horn, and tendon!" The Bull of Heaven was an unexpected surprise on the city of Uruk and Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh did not panic, he did what any heroic king would do and killed the Bull of Heaven to protect the people of his city. This once again shows him overcoming adversity.

3. Losing the secret plant

" A snake caught the scent of the plant, stealthily it came up and carried the plant away."

Gilgamesh weep after the snake had taken the secret plant. On his journey home he was able to realize that life is not about having immortality but living for now and enjoying every moment of it.

Overcoming Adversity in The Odyssey

1. escaping the cave of the Cyclops

"My best idea had to do with the sheep that were there, big, thick-fleeced beauties with wool dark as violets. Working silently, I bound them together with willow branches the Cyclops slept on. I bound them in threes. Each middle sheep carried a man underneath, protected by the two on either side: three sheep to a man." Because Odysseus was a wise man he was able to come up with a way for him and his men to escape the cave of the cyclops. He has known that he can overcome any adversity that may come his way.

2. Avoiding the errie voices of the Sirens

" I went down the rows and smeared the wax into all my men's ears. They in turn bound me hand and foot upright to the mast, tied the ends of the rope to the mast." Once again Odysseus shows he can overcome any situation that comes his way. He was able to make sure him and his men did not give into the errie voices of the Sirens.

3. Returning to Ithaca and seeing all of the suitors in his home

" You dogs! You thought I would never come home from Troy. So you waste my house, forces the women to sleep with you, and while I was still alive you courted my wife without any fear of the gods in high heaven or of any retribution from the world of men. Now the nest has been drawn tight around you." Odysseus overcome this situation by making the suitors pay for courting his wife in his home. Odysseus did this by killing all of the suitors.



Escaping the Cyclops


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