Mrs. Blalock's Bulletin

Class Update 12/1/14

Dates and Events to Remember

  • December 3rd- Reading MAP 8am
  • December 9th- Classroom Guidance/Mrs. Hartage 8am
  • December 10th- 2nd Grade Fun Fitness 7:15am in Gym

MAP Practice Sites

These sites below are a great place to extend skills in reading and math. Try one with your child. Practice using scratch paper and discuss test taking strategies like how to eliminate answers.

Math MAP-Excellent place to sharpen math skills!

Reading MAP-Practice reading online and show what you know!

Prepdog-Take a practice test and sharpen your skills in reading and math at this site.


In Chapter 4, students are learning how to subtract two digit numbers. Students are using base ten blocks to solve problems to gain an understanding of regrouping. Students are beginning to rewrite problems vertically and show their work as they regroup.

Students can practice addition facts on Quizlet to increase fact fluency. This site has interactive flashcards and games to help students learn facts by heart.

Language Arts

As students read closely to answer questions about their reading, they are showing an understanding of key details. They are going back to the text to locate, confirm and cite specific evidence.

This week in spelling Lesson 26, we will study words with the suffix -ed and review words with the suffix -ing.

Spellingcity is a popular site to practice.

In the Author's Chair, students shared their opinion pieces as to whether or not they would like to attend the First Thanksgiving. Fourteen students decided that they would like to attend the First Thanksgiving and nine decided they would not like to attend. Everyone included evidence from their research to support their opinion. Very interesting! Our next opinion piece will be a Book Review.

Social Studies/Science

With our Economic Workshop Days behind us, we will look at the number of products produced and students will plan a wish list for shopping. Prices will be set based on production. Students will learn about supply and demand. Our shopping day is December 19th at 9:15am in Dockside. We will also explore and learn about magnets this month.

Goods and Services Game

The Perfect Pet Game

Goods and Services2 Game

Magnet Fun!

Scholastic Book Club- Optional

If you are interested in ordering books for your child, preview the following site.

Scholastic Book Club.

Our class code is HGT62.

We receive free books for our classroom with every order. Thank you!


If you would like to order your child a yearbook, here is the link to the order form.

Orders are due by Dec. 10th.

Yearbook Order Form