Inventions and Inventors

By: Brian Fuller

William Kelley and Henry Bessemer

William Kelley discovered this process but Henry Bessemer made the patent for it when he independently discovered it after Kelly. The process is called the Bessemer process and it takes the impurities out of iron ore through oxidization. They blow air into the molten iron which helps separate the impurities from the good iron. The Bessemer process allowed for large quantities of high grade steel to be produced quickly at a low cost.

Chirstopher Sholes

Chris invented the typewriter in 1873. There had been other attempts at creating a typewriter but his was the first to be for commercial use. He sold his invention for 12,000 dollars to Remington and Sons. The typewriter went on to make millions of dollars for them.

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone. In 1874 Alexander started to talk about the possibilities of talking through a phone using electrical currents. In 1876 he finally made one and he said Come here Watson, I want to talk. Thomas Watson was his assistant with the telephone. He went on to create AT&T a very popular telephone company.

George Eastman

In 1884 he patented the first ever film practical film on a roll. Then in 1888 he patented the first ever handheld camera the Kodak. The camera was specifically made for rolled up film. He then made the Eastman Kodak Company one of the first companies to sell standardized photography equipment.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison has created many inventions and has thousands of patents. He started to supply all of New York city with electricity by 1882 . By 1889 he had formed the company GE. He also created the first ever long lasting light bulb which of course was turned on by the electricity he made for New York City.

George Westing House

George Westing House was also a very important inventor and he made the air brake systems for railroad cars. This system allowed for all of the train cars to brake simultaneously instead of one at the time. This invention has saved many lives. He also created AC current or alternate current. This is used in homes and businesses while DC is direct current and it comes from batteries.