Medical Assistant Interview

By Anthony Rodriguez

How long have you been a medical assistant?

She has been a medical assistant for 3 years

What training do you need and can i do this out of high school.

No you can not do this out of high school you need one year of trade school or college. Cindy did one year of training at ATI trade school.

How did you first get involved with this career.

Ever since our grandmother got sick and pass away she got interest in wanting to help people.

Are there opportunities for advancement and can you get tuition reimbursement?

Yes there are opportunities for advancements, you can become a office manger or go to school for nursing. You can get a tuition reimbursement depending on the doctor.

What is the most interesting project you have ever been involved with?

Seeing a doctor do a EGD (upper Endoscopy) a patient had robbed a ring and swallowed it so the police won't fine it. so the patient was taken to the hospital and the doctor she worked with was on call and had to do an emergency EGD to try and get it out.

Describle a typical day in your career

A typical day would be checking in patients getting all their paperwork ready,then room the patient and get their vitals enter all their medications in the systems and chaperon for the doctors if it is needed. she also gives out pathology results on patient's colonoscopy's and blood work.

How much vacation time do you get a year?

she will get two weeks paid per year and also she gets PTO time (paid time off) 8 hours a month.

What is the job outlook for this profession?

You will always learn new things and the demanding for Medical Assistants is rising.

Do You see yourself continuing this career in ten years from now?

Yes she loves to be in the medical field helping others and would like to work towards an RN degree down the road.