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The Newsletter of OECHS -- October 24th, 2020

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Owl of The Week

Emily R. is a happy, positive force. She always encourages and supports her peers, whether that be in houses or on Teams, in person or at home. She takes the time to help adjust incoming freshmen to our campus, offering to tutor some early in the morning before her own classes. Her charisma, positivity, and charm are just some of the reasons she is such a supportive force on the school's campus. She also is passionate about challenging herself, and taking on many roles, both academic and extracurricular, at the school. Congratulations!
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Spirit Week

Hello everyone! Monday marks the start of our Fall Spirit Week. Each day house points will be tallied based on the number of participants. Most house leaders are going to be creating a post or form on their Teams page where you can submit a picture of your costume when you are both in-person and online to make sure everyone is counted. However, your house leaders should be sending out a message to confirm their tallying process. If you are in-person, it is recommended that you go to your house seminar or at least check in to show off your costume! Each student will earn their house 10 points each time they participate.

There are two options for concepts Monday through Thursday. You can choose to do either option for the day. You can even repeat the concept of Decades day both Monday and Tuesday if you wish, as long as you do not wear the same outfit. You can also wear a Halloween costume both Wednesday and Thursday as long as you do not wear the same costume. However, it is strongly recommended that you wear your Decade day or Halloween costume on the day you are in-person, or choose your best outfit to wear to school if you plan to repeat an option. On Friday you should show your school spirit by wearing any OECHS merch or by wearing our school's colors. There will also be an online house game to participate in!

Spirit week is a great way to earn house points! I encourage everyone to participate each day, both in-person and online. Remember that your costumes should be school appropriate, but other than that, get creative and have fun! -SGA President, Grace G.

Senior Trip and Prom Meeting for Parents and Students

Our Senior Trip and Prom Committees are going to meet to discuss both events, as well as fundraising, on October 25th. Senior parents are asked to join at 5:00pm for Senior Trip information. Junior/Senior parents are encouraged to attend at 6:00pm for the Prom portion of the meeting. The meeting will be held virtually, via Google Meet Contact Jamallia Petway (senior parent) at with any questions about Prom or the Senior Trip.

PreACT (10th graders) November 3rd-4th

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) has a partnership with ACT, a not-for-profit organization that provides educational assessment, research, information, and program management services. In North Carolina, all tenth-graders take the PreACT. This assessment measures what students have learned in their courses and helps educators identify the information that students still need to learn to succeed in college or a career. OECHS 10th graders are scheduled to take the PreACT via paper-and-pencil format on their on-campus day, either November 3rd or 4th. The makeup test date is scheduled for November 11.

The PreACT simulates the ACT testing experience by providing students early exposure to ACT test-quality questions. The PreACT is reported on the same 1–36 score scale as the ACT, but PreACT has a maximum score of 35. The PreACT also provides a predicted ACT composite score range.

The PreACT assessment includes four multiple-choice tests: English, math, reading, and science. The PreACT is designed to help parents and educators identify areas where students may need additional academic support or remediation. The PreACT can also help to initiate strategic conversations between parents and schools regarding dual enrollment decisions, identifying curriculum gaps, implementing interventions on behalf of students, and choosing Advanced Placement classes.

If you have questions or concerns about the PreACT, please contact Daveria Hutsell at
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Yearbook (Senior Pages)

Make memories for your Early College senior in this year's yearbook. Senior pages are available for purchase from now through December 18. Send in pictures of your senior, a brief biography, and we will print it in this year's yearbook! Page options are as follows:

1/4 Page: $75 (75 words or less)

1/2 Page: $150 (150 words or less)

Whole Page: $250 (250 words or less)

These pages are also functioning as a fundraiser for Onslow Early College High School, which is in need of your support. If you have questions, or are interested in purchasing a page, please email Mrs. Huggins at

High School Senior Immunizations (by the end of October!)

All high school seniors are required this year to receive a meningoccocal vaccination. Seniors have until October 31st to make sure they are up-to-date or they cannot attend school (or CCCC classes)!

***REVISED COVID Screening Questions and Flow Chart

With the rise in cases and the anticipation of further increase in exposure, contraction, and hospitalization in the coming months, NCDHHS has revised the guidelines for entering school buildings. The key changes include family contact and/or exposure. The revised COVID-19 screening questions are attached below, along with the procedures that must be followed if students or employees have symptoms of, or come in prolonged exposure with anyone with COVID-19.



1. Do you know if you have you been around anyone diagnosed with COVID-19?

2. Since you were last at school, have you had a fever, chills, had trouble breathing, been coughing, or lost your sense of taste or smell?

3. Since you were last at school, has anyone in your household developed fever, chills, had trouble breathing, a new cough, or lost their sense of taste or smell?

4. Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?

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National Honor Society Induction Information (For those invited to join this past Spring)

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National Honor Society Service Projects

The National Honor Society is participating in two community service projects and anyone can donate! Please see the attached flyers for The Women's Center (Donations due October 30th) and Operation Christmas Child (Donations due November 16th).

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Key Club Fundraisers (UNICEF and CHEW)

Key Club has kicked off two fundraisers to help our local community for the months of October and November. Currently, we are collecting donations for Trick-or-Trick for UNICEF digitally. If you are interested in donating to our school's UNICEF Trick or Treat fundraiser, use the QR Code below to access our personal donation page. We are also partnering with the CHEW program to help gather non-perishable items for our local community. Please find below a list of items we are collecting from October 28-November 6. Donations should be brought to Mrs. Huggins' room, Hugh Ragsdale 100. No glass items, please.

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The Rocket League Team lost a hard fought match against Westtown High School in Pennsylvania 3 - 2. All three of the games lost were by 1 goal. The team will look to rebound in their next match this coming Thursday at 4:00.

The Fortnite Team competed in their first ever match. The team improved dramatically throughout the match and will play again this coming Monday at 4:30.

Upcoming Club Events

10/26- Esports (Fortnite)

10/27- SGA

10/28- Chess, Yearbook

10/29- Drama, Esports (Rocket League)

10/30- Creative Writing

Exam Exemptions

Our students in non-EOC and non-AP high school courses will be exempt from final exams if they maintain an overall "A" average for the semester. Keep up the hard work, Owls!

Free/Reduced Lunch Forms

Forms can be filled out online at Parents are highly encouraged to fill out forms. Students that qualify for free/reduced lunch also can qualify for ACT and SAT fee waivers, OCS fee waivers, and college application fee waivers!

Lunch fees can also be paid online at

Are you a military dependent in need of tutoring, homework help, or test prep? and The Princeton Review have partnered with the U.S. Department of Defense to offer free 24/7 online tutoring, homework help, and test prep! Go to the link below for more information!

Class Updates


Please remember to use the forms on my school web page to schedule an

appointment if you need to see me or use this link: Request to see Ms. Hutsell

Here are some additional college planning forms:

9th and 10th Grade Planning

11th Grade Planning

12th Grade Planning

Jr./Sr. Seminar

Jr. Seminar: Full-length practice tests have been posted in Teams! We will focus on the Reading section this week. We will also take time to register for Spring 2021 classes.

Sr. Seminar: We will run through our to-do list again this week. We will also focus on registering for Spring 2021 classes. Finally, we will take a look at scholarships, with a particular focus on local ones.

CFNC: Countdown to College (FAFSA, RDS, and Application Resources)

North Carolina’s annual campaign to support college access is during the month of October and is named NC Countdown to College. Activities during the month support high school seniors in completing three important college enrollment steps: residency, FAFSA, and applications. What is traditionally called College Application Week has been extended to two weeks this year: October 19 - 30th, 2020. During these weeks, many NC colleges and universities waive their application fees.

Senior parents and students are strongly encouraged to use the resources in the CFNC Countdown to College site!


Honors Math 2- Monday students will have the period to work on their transformation graphing activity. The activity is worth 50 points and is due Tuesday for Cohort B and Wednesday for Cohort A. This is the last major grade of the six weeks. On Tuesday, students will review the concepts of distance and midpoint and will complete a classwork assignment on deltamath. The lesson on Wednesday will cover dilations which will incorporate the distance formula. There will be an online assignment assigned reviewing all transformations that will be due Friday by 4:30pm. Lastly, on Thursday, students will begin studying types of angles.

AP Statistics- Students will wrap up Unit 4 with a test on Wednesday. The test will be open from 3pm -4:30pm and students will have one hour to complete the test. The average grade in AP Stats is currently a 90! Keep up the good work!

Precalculus Honors- We are finishing up our Intro to Trigonometry Unit this week. Monday and Tuesday we will finish up Graphing the Trig Functions and reviewing the unit. The Unit Test will be Wednesday (Cohort A) and Thursday (Cohort B). Each Cohort will have an Assignment to complete for a grade on the day they are not taking the test. Friday, as we begin Unit 5, there will be lesson video and assignment on the Basic Trig Identities.


English I Honors-This week, students completed their study of The Odyssey with their final test on Unit 4, and their completion of their second formal essay assignment, a Literary Analysis of the Epic Hero. We began our study of Shakespearean Drama on Thursday, with Romeo and Juliet, which we will continue studying next week. Students will begin a class assignment next week in which they will modernize a scene from the play. Their final essay, a Documented Source essay, will be due before Thanksgiving break, and we will begin discussing it the second week of November.

English IV Honors- This week we concluded our study of Mary Shelley’s classic novel, Frankenstein. We also began our journey into the world of the Victorian Period. We will continue our study of this era next week with selected works of poetry. Students have a Frankenstein Portfolio assignment due next Tuesday and Wednesday and a Poetry Portfolio assignment due next Wednesday and Thursday. Next week will mark the end of our third Unit and next Friday students will have a Quest on Unit 3. Students should also continue working on their Comparative Essay, which is due November 10.


Biology Honors-This week in Honors Biology we started the unit on Ecology. We are going to learn about our environment and how bad our generation is screwing it up. Hopefully the students will gain a Conservation mindset and start to work on cleaning up what we have almost made impossible to reverse.

Chemistry Honors-We are finishing Unit 7. A-day will take their Unit 7 Test on Monday and B-day will take their test on Tuesday. The Unit 7 WS is also due on their test day. Wednesday we will begin Unit 8 Stoichiometry.

APES-We are working our way through Unit 4. Students have a quiz on either Tuesday or Thursday next week, as well as a Coriolis Effect Lab due on Tuesday or Thursday depending upon which Group they are in. The Unit 4 Progress Check will open on Monday and is due by Friday.

Social Studies

American History I Honors-We are finishing our unit on Manifest Destiny and the Market Revolution. All assignments were due Friday, October 23rd and the Unit 9 Test will be Monday, October 26th. We will watch a course favorite, “The Alamo”, next week and students have a 6,000 calorie menu project due next Friday, October 30. We will then start our final grading period by examining the Causes of the Civil War, the Civil War itself, and Post Civil War Reconstruction.

Civics Honors-Another great week in Civics, we completed our study of the Executive Branch and have moved into the study the Judicial Branch. This week we examined the structure of the Federal Court System. Next week we will take a look at the process of Judicial Decision-Making and study landmark Supreme Court cases. We will test on the Judicial Branch on Monday (11/2) and Tuesday (11/3).

APWH- We are slowly but surely making our way through Unit Three. This week we studied the governments of land-based empires from 1450 to 1750. We looked at the emergence of absolute monarchs and how these rulers legitimized and consolidated their power through religion, art, and finances. Next week we will look at the belief system of these empires and how they led to conflict. Our test for Unit Three will be Monday (11/2) for Group One and Thursday (11/5) for Group Two.