President Andrew Jackson

I'm Against Andrew Jackson, So Therefor He Is A Zero.

One Reason Why President Jackson Is A Zero

1.The Indian Removal Act- Andrew Jackson removed Native Americans from their homes across the country to reservations, because he had a very negative attitude towards them, and considered them a wait of space. Jackson believed removing them would improve the economy. The natives trip to Oklahoma where the reservations were was considered the "Trail Of Tears.", And many people died on the journey

Second Reason Jackson Is a zero

2.National Bank- President Andrew Jackson Vetoed a bill that ended the National Bank. Andrew Jackson ended the National Bank, and this caused no repository for federal funds.

Third Reason jackson is a zero

3. Nullification Crisis- Jackson came up with the idea for congress to force the bill, and make them pay with united states army. Just so people cannot leave.
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This is a Cartoon showing how Andrew Jackson over used his power, and acted as a "king"