infromation about cyber bullying

we can stop bullying all together.

Dear People of JCMS,

I want to stop bullying because its not the right thing to do its defiantly not the way to treat others. when you cyber bully the effects that you can put on people are committing suicide, Depression, hiding, harming yourself, taking aggression out on other people. there are possible consequences that can happen if you cyberbully the consequences are get account shut down, got to jail, get in trouble by the law. but there is also way to prevent cyber bulling you can prevent cyber bullying by don't post inappropriate pics of yourself on the internet. and last but not least you need to report if someone is cyber bullying immediately you can tell your parents, or the police. i plan to send this message to people everywhere so they can be informed that cyber bullying is not good at all. 5 tips you can use to avoid cyber bullying is 1. keep your profile private 2. always be kind 3. don't post inappropriate things 4.don't give out personal information to anyone 5. always be careful of what you type. from my experience i have never gotten cyber bullied i will always avoid cyber bullying and i will never cyber bully 15 facts about cyber bullying 1. people have committed suicide 2. hiding themselves from others 3. moving schools 4. depression 5. anger this message to all people who are cyber bullies STOP!