HELLO Frontline Designers

Let's Get Connected

Allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Heather Hall and I'm a SENIOR DIRECTOR with Origami Owl. I am your immediate mentor with O2 and I want to make sure that you know who I am, my history and how I can help you in your business. I began my journey with Origami Owl in 2011 with the goal of earning $700 per month to help support my husband's income. This opportunity has been a blessing our family more than I can put into words and is now the sole income for our family.

So why am I introducing myself now?? Well many of you already know who I am and we consistently touch base about your businesses, but since the first of the year, this frontline has grown by over 200 designers...yep! That is a CRAZY number!! My goal in reaching out to you is to make you aware of the vast resources that we have as a team. You may have just started this business and are ready to hit the ground running as we head into an AMAZING fall season or you may have started this business under another designer that is no longer mentoring a team or has decided to pursue other interests and you haven't felt supported. I am here to tell you that this is my full time business and I promise you that I'm not going anywhere! I am truly here to support you every step of the way in your O2 journey. Whether you are just starting out or looking to start over, I would LOVE the opportunity to talk with you one on one to see how I can help you in that process.

Rockin Lockets Parliament

Let me share a little about your team and how to get connected. We have over 6,000 designers on our team, representing all states in the USA as well as designers in Canada. We have 4 senior directors and 9 directors on our team and we are consistently one of the highest producing teams in the field. We have a very active team page on facebook. We have daily posts with Nest updates, training tips and encouragement and a TON OF FUN! We would love for you to connect with the team there. Here is the link:


Rockin Lockets Core

As I shared, we have LOTS of resources on our team. As my frontline, you are my #1 priority and the heart of our team, so I have a Facebook group dedicated just to you. Here's the link for that group as well!


Are you attending conference?

Conference is literally right around the corner and I'm so excited! It is truly the NEW YEAR of our direct sales businesses and a great time of fellowship with our fellow designers. If you are attending conference this year, I really want to know about it so that we can connect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's important for your to select the breakout sessions that speak to you and will help fill your resource bucket to help you really rock your business. If you plan on attending one of my three sessions this year, please let me know. I always have designer interaction during those breakouts and I would love for you to participate in the fun things planned in those sessions. Please feel free to call me 615-707-2376 or email me at lovemylocket@gmail.com and let me know your plans for conference! I can't wait to hug your necks!!

Personal Mentoring and Support

So now that you've been connected with our basic team resources, I would love to connect with your personally! I'd love to hear your goals with O2...whether that is pursuing significant income for your family or simply selling an occasional locket, I'm here to support those goals. A great thing about this business, is that we are truly small business owners and I love that but I want to make sure that you know that I am here to help you every step of the way! If you would like to have consistent appointments with me on a weekly, twice a monthly or even monthly to really pursue your business, I would love to partner with you. As all of the designers on our team know, I am extremely passionate about training and making sure that you have all of the tools needed to be successful.

Owl Think About It

And the final resource that I will share with you today is our OWL THINK ABOUT IT facebook group. I offer a LIVE facebook opportunity event every Monday night at 9pm EST. If you have anyone interested in learning more about O2, this is the perfect spot to send them. It's committed to hold this every week for our team and it's an extremely successful partnership. Here is the link for this group as well:


Let's Do This!

This is truly my favorite time of year! We are on the brink of our largest selling season of the year, fall product is right around the corner, and we have a ton of new resources coming from the nest! So now is the time to jump in with your business! Maybe it's the start of your journey or maybe you're dusting off your business and picking it back up. I'm here to get you back up to date with all of the new systems in place or work with you one on one to help you rock your business and support your team. Whatever the situation, I'm here to help and really hope to hear from you soon!