Holland Middle School

New School Procedures

New School Visitor Procedures

As part of Council Rock's increasing focus on security, a new front entrance system was added to our beautiful building over the summer. Please be advised that our front doors will always be locked as a result of this new security enhancement. The new, secure entry system includes enhanced features that Front Office staff will use to verify visitor identity and permit front door entry.

In order to gain access to the front office of our building now, the following will occur:

  • School visitors will push an audio intercom button located at our front door entry area.

  • School visitors will use the front entry audio intercom system to communicate their identity and purpose of visit with a Front Office staff member.

  • Front Office staff member will confirm visitor identity using the new system's camera feature and permit Front Office access.

Once in the Front Office, visitors will sign in as a building guest, show ID, and complete the Raptor identification process to receive a visitor tag. Please always be prepared to show ID.

Student Drop Off

To alleviate congestion and promote a safe environment for students, staff, and parents please adhere to following procedures:

  • Please pull all the way up to the yellow Student Drop Off Sign.
  • Please have child(ren) prepared to discharge upon stopping on the straight run in front of the school.

We have a staff member assigned to be outside during student-drop in the morning to assist in the process outlined above. Please view the following HMS-student drop video for more details.

If you are planning to drive your child to school please plan accordingly as traffic congestion is not considered a valid excuse for tardiness to school. Students utilizing district provided transportation are never late to school.

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