Animals vs. Humans

Ashlyn Alsbrooks, November 2, 2015


  • The killing of Cecil- a 13 year old lion form a protected national park and local attraction re-sparked the debate about trophy hunting and preserving Africa's wildlife. A dentist from Minnesota- who paid 50,000 to shoot an African Lion, lured and killed Cecil. More then a million people signed a petition to permits to hunt African animals and airlines refused to transport big game "trophies".
  • Due to poaching Africa has lost up to 60% of its large wild game in the past 40 years. With China's huge demand in ivory rhinos and elephants are killed for their horns and tusk. Habitat lost also plays a big role due to the expansion of cities and rural populations getting pushed into areas where animals were. Even though trophy hunting allowed in 23 African nations and brings in $200 Million annually they are still trying to limit the killing of wild game my making various laws.

Supporting Details

  • 30,000 elephants are killed by poachers in Africa annually to meet huge demand for ivory in China and elsewhere.
  • The country’s national parks grew to about 35,000 in 2012 from about 21,000 in 2001.
  • A 2013 report found that as little as 3 percent of those funds actually makes it to locals.
  • Trophy hunting is currently allowed in 23 African nations.