The Avery Pulse

April 24th, 2022

Upcoming Dates

  • April 25th-May 8th - Masks Required
  • April 29th - Movie Night at Avery (details below)
  • May 2nd - May 6th - Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 6th - Early Release-Dismissal at 11:45am
  • May 24th - Avery Night at the Ballpark (details below)
  • May 26th - Blacktop Ball SAVE THE DATE!
  • May 27th - Last Day of School! Early Release-Dismissal at 11:45am

Masks Required

Dear Avery Families:

As you may recall, when the school district moved to “mask recommended” status earlier this year, we said that if the number of new COVID-19 cases at a school exceeds 1.5 percent of the total building population, that school would return to a “mask required” status for two weeks. As of Friday, April 22nd, the number of new cases at Avery Elementary is greater than 1.5 percent, meaning we will require masks for everyone at Avery beginning Monday, April 25. Students, staff and visitors will be required to wear masks indoors at Avery for the next two weeks. This includes during any bus rides or any off-campus field trips. If needed, masks will be provided at school. In alignment with our board-approved Return to School Plan, we will transition back to a mask-recommended environment on Monday, May 9, as long as Avery is at or below the 1.5 percent threshold.

Thank you for your support!

Dr. Hannah Peterson

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Freestyle Pool Pass

Dear Families,

The Freestyle Pool Pass is BACK for 2022, after a very successful inaugural year last summer. The Freestyle Pass removes barriers to the community swimming pool by providing free daily swim passes for individuals and families that require financial assistance. Thanks to the generosity of this amazing community, 604 pool passes were used last summer!

It is our pleasure to report that together we raised enough money last year to run the program again for summer 2022. Webster Groves is a great place to live, work, and play--and our community is striving to be consciously inclusive. We want everyone to feel welcome, included, and vital in all spaces! The Freestlye Pool Pass is a partnership of the Alliance for Interracial Dignity, the Webster Groves School District, and Webster Rock Hill Ministries. We are also grateful to the City of Webster Groves for their administrative efforts to accept and track the pool passes.

To those families who may currently be in need of financial support to access the pool, our goal (pending funding) is to provide:

· WGSD PreK – 5th grade students: 4 Freestyle Pool Passes per student upon request

· WGSD 6th – 12th grade students: 2 Freestyle Pool Passes per student upon request

· If you have more than one child attending the same WGSD school, then you will receive a family pack of Freestyle Pool Passes.

If you currently are in need of financial assistance and are interested in receiving Freestyle Pool Passes (each is good for one daily admission), then please complete this WGSD Freestyle Pool Pass Request Form by May 13, 2022, or contact your child’s counselor. The passes will be given to your child May 19 - 20, 2022. During pool season, Freestyle Pool Passes will also be available at Webster Rock Hill Ministries and inside the Rec Center front desk.

As the Freestyle Pool Pass program continues to find its footing in future years, we hope to expand the program to include snack bar vouchers and possibly swim instruction. We are not actively fundraising for summer 2022, but If you would like to support the program's future, the fund is being held by Webster Rock Hill Ministries (WRHM). Checks can be made payable to WRHM and mailed or brought to 111 East Waymire, Webster Groves, 63119. Checks must include “Freestyle Pass Fund” in the memo line. You may also donate online at

We look forward to seeing you at the pool this summer, which opens on May 27th!


Dr. Shane Williamson | WGSD

Farrell Carfield & Elyssa Sullivan | AID

Emerson Smith | WRHM

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Summer Camps Offered

For information on registering your elementary child for sports camps, please click here:
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Information below is repeated from the previous Pulse.

Counselor Corner

Check in with Mrs. Wallace

Our building wide universals for social emotional learning and personal success continue to be: The Avery Way, The Zones of Regulation, and the 7 Habits. Please contact me if you have any questions about these universals or the counseling program at Avery.

7 Habits Review! There is only one left we are up to #6… Synergize…

1.) Be Proactive- I am in charge of myself. I have a “can do” attitude.

2.) Begin with the end in mind- Set a goal and make a plan to reach it.

3.) Put First Things First- Do important things first… manage your time.

4.) Think Win-Win – How do I solve a problem in a win-win way?

Compromise, Use an “I message”.

5.) Seek First To Understand then to be Understood- I can listen first and try to see that person’s point of view. Being a listener is as important as a speaker. Listening shows Respect. Empathy is important.

6.) Synergize- together is better! Learn everyone’s strengths. We are all different and that is good!

7.) Sharpen to the Saw……. To be continued!

Parenting Help: What are thinking errors? Continued!

Last time we discussed: Ignoring the Good, Blowing Things Up, and Fortune Telling…

Negative thinking patterns are distorted ways of looking at situations. Sometimes with students we call these “thinking errors”. Two examples of these thinking errors are:

1.) Mind Reading. Believing you know what someone else is thinking or why they are doing something, without having enough information.


“People are looking at me. They probably think my shirt is ugly.”

“Emma didn’t invite me to her party. I bet she thinks I’m weird.”

2.) Negative Labeling. Having a belief about yourself and thinking it applies to everything you do.


“I’m a loser so my artwork stinks.”

“I’m so stupid. Everything I say is dumb.”

3.) Setting the Bar Too High. Thinking that you must be perfect in everything you do, otherwise you’re no good.


“If I don’t get an A on every test, I’m not smart.”

“I have to win every tennis match I play, otherwise I’m worthless.”

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Covid 19 Testing

Dear WGSD Families and Staff:

The Webster Groves School District offers COVID-19 testing for the public from 2-4 p.m. in the board room at the central office, 400 E. Lockwood Ave. Testing will continue to be offered here on Thursdays at this time except for during spring break.

Rapid antigen and PCR testing will be available through Visionary Vaccine Services. No appointment is needed. Masks will be required. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent of guardian. Your insurance will be billed for the service and there are no fees for the uninsured. Everyone tested will receive a letter documenting the date of service, type of testing and results.

Testing will also be offered for the public in other school districts:

Mondays and Wednesdays in the Ladue School District at the Fifth Grade Center, 10900 Ladue Rd., inside the lower level athletic entrance to the building from 9-11 a.m.

On Tuesdays, at the Clayton District's Administration Center, #2 Mark Twain Circle in Clayton, from 9-11 a.m

5th Grade Art Show

The 5th grade art show will be taking place at Hixson on May 4th from 6 - 8 pm. Please come anytime between 6 - 8 pm. The art show's theme is change. Each 5th grader in the district created a work of art inspired by the theme change. Family and friends please come and check out the exciting works of art created by the 5th grade students from Avery, Bristol, Edgar Road, Hudson and Clark. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you,

Jessica Neusitz

Art Teacher

Avery Elementary

909 N. Bompart Avenue

Webster Groves MO 63119


Mask Recommended Update

Beginning March 7th, the Webster Groves School District shifted to a mask recommended status.

Please click here to access the March 1st communication for additional information.

Arrival Reminders

Arrival from 7:40-7:50 AM

Bompart Avenue

  • Carpool drop-off only in front of school
  • Parents to remain in vehicles with staff members assisting students
  • No parking during arrival
  • Staff members will supervise at the curb

Marshall Avenue

  • Atrium entrance will be open for arrival for students dropped off on Marshall
  • Staff members will supervise at the curb

Atalanta Avenue

  • We strongly encourage families to travel only from Bompart towards Glen to alleviate congestion and increase safety
  • No parking on sidewalks
  • Staff members will supervise at the curb

Blacktop Ball Committee: Looking for New Members

The Blacktop Ball Committee is looking for a new co-chair and parents available to be on the committee. We organize and plan the annual Blacktop Ball celebration at the end of the school year. If you are interested in joining the committee or being a co-chair, please email 5th grade parent Sally Kilbride at or text her at 314-600-8953.

Incoming Kindergarten Information

Know an incoming Kindergarten child? Have a friend considering moving to Webster Groves?

Here is a link with Helpful Kindergarten Information!

Questions? Please contact: 314-963-6425

2021-2022 Buzz Book

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Title I Program Parent and Family Involvement and Engagement

Online Community Bulletin Board

Want to make a submission to The Avery Pulse?

Board policy KI governs what our schools can distribute to students.

To qualify for direct distribution to students and families, the
information must be:

  • district-sponsored information
  • something from a group affiliated* with the district.
  • curriculum-related, as determined by the principal, including programs, events, contests and other activities.

*Affiliated is defined as a group recognized by the Board of Education and working

collaboratively with the district, such as a business partner OR is a
group created soley to work with district staff, students and parents
to raise fund for district activities (PTOs, booster clubs, the

Regarding signs, only signs for school or district groups (sponsored
or affiliated) can be placed on school grounds.

You can read the board policy here

If you are a non-profit organization that doesn't qualify for direct distribution to students and families, you can contact Cathy Vespereny ( who is our Director of Communication and she will ensure that your flyer is posted on the community electronic bulletin.

If your information fits the above criteria, you can make a submission to

Submissions are due on Thursdays at 5pm.