Of Mice and Men

Lenny's view, the humbling world of the disabled

My life *grammar checked and fixed*

Guys! Lenny here, I'm writing again! George and I were run out of town again, they were all yelling at me, saying things like rapist or pervert. George says those are nasty words, I should'nt say them he says. I am glad to have George, he helps me be good, even though I still act bad sometimes, I just get so happy, especially near soft things, they are fuzzy!

We got to a new town though, George said it's better, I trust him. I did get scared though. Our new boss, curly, started yelling at us. He was tiny and loud, like those small dogs. He looked angry at me, but George said he was being rude. His wife is pretty, I don't know why a pretty girl likes rude people, but she was nice to me.

We slept that night, in beds too, not like the tents before, and were working when we met Candy, he was missing a hand. We told him about our dream of owning a farm and having bunnies, and he said he would give us $350 for it if we let him help! We were so happy, and the next day we got even more good news, our new friend slim gave me a puppy! But then Curly came around and attacked me. I was hurting a lot, but George said I could make him stop, and I did. I think I broke his hand though.

George and my other friends left for town Yesterday , so I wandered a bit. I met Crooks, he said that people didn't like him because he was black. He was nice. Curly's wife came in and started being mean to him. That made me sad.

Earlier today all my friends went to town, they were all happy. But I got sad, I was playing with my puppy and I pet him too hard, that's going to make people mad. Curly's wife came by, and we talked. She let me pet her hair, but I pet it too hard and she died too. I had to run because of that, that is bad. George came by our camp from before like we said we would do, and started talking about our farm. I'm so happy, we are so close to getting there. I'm gonna have so many bunnies that I will play with forev-

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