News Report

By : Paige Herbison

The beginning

Beloved Bess the landlords ,daughter of the old inn had fallen for a highway man, that rides along on his horse to visit her. before meeting Bess would always tie a beautiful love, not into her long black hair. They would have some sort of secret way to know that the highway, man arrived. the highway man would, tap his whip against the shutters and whistle a certain tune.

More then just one lover?

After seeing the special secret way of meeting, someone has gotten jealous, and his name was Tim, He had strong feeling for bess to and he wanted to kill the highway man so he, could have Bess to him self.
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The surprise

Above the image is showing, the promise made to Bess that she will get a surprise when he comes back tonight. That she must look for him in the moonlight and he kissed her hair and went off. As the highway man went of Tim went and alerted some people...

The attack

Redcoats showed up in know time at the inn, and pinned Bess down on to the bed, they tied her up, and gagged her so she could not speak. They laid a gun in the middle of her chest, they kissed her hair and said "keep good watch" The redcoats wanted to kill the highway man when he tried to come save her.

The sadness

Bess laid her finger on the gun trigger in revault of, of knowing the highwayman would die. Then she heard the highway man riding and riding along the cobble, stone path. As bess panicked but could, not yell for help, because she had a gagger in her mouth. She laid her finger on the trigger and pulled it, a loud noise snapped in the air, she was gone. She did this to warn the highway man. The highway man ran, off becuase he heard a gone shot.
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The Revaulting truth

The highwayman was riding his horse along the highway when it came to him, it was Bess who was the victim of the gun shot! He turned around and came after the red coats, but was shot and he fell off the horse the a dog he laid.

True love exists

The highway man and Bess were very much in love, and still of the winters night the highwayman comes riding riding along up to the old inn door and bess is waiting for him with, a love knot tied her her long black hair, the ghostly sea, gallon moon, tossed upon the cloudy see welcoming the two love ghosts

True Love?

The highway man and Bess were very much in love to protect each other, they were deeply in love with each other. In retrospect, the highway man and Bess are still with each other today? they fell in love and no matter what happens they will be together.