By Tess Hensley

Weekend Woes. . .

Things in the kingdom Florin took a turn for the worst this weekend. As you read in our last article, Prince Humperdinck has been searching far and wide for a bride. (Heh, that rhymed!) Princess Noreena didn't work out so well (rumor has it it had something to due with her appearance! Maybe he's not a hat kind of guy.), and now our Prince has picked a new bride: Buttercup. She's as lovely as can be, but how can she be a Princess when she's missing? She has so many great individual qualities. She's kind, ditsy, but overall, beautiful! We here at the Florin Folk press can't help but wonder if Prince Humperdinck would look for her if she didn't have these individual traits. After all, if the rumors are true about Princess Noreena, would we ever see our beloved Buttercup again? Additionally, Prince Humperdinck isn't known for his kindness. He was voted 'Most Hated of the Year!' here at Florin Folk Press last year! We'll keep you updated on this story best we can. Thank you for reading Florin Folk Press!

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