Hour of Code

Dec 7-13

"Hour of Code" - www.code.org

The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, and to celebrate Computer Science Education Week! Set aside an hour for your students over the course of next week to participate in "Hour of Code" and join millions of students worldwide.

Info for Educator:

  • No login required (they can create account to save progress)
  • Every age and experience level can participate
  • Hour of Code Activities are Self-Guided
  • Student works through current tutorials on www.code.org
  • Teachers have access to "Teacher's Notes" within each tutorial
  • Code.org works on all devices and browsers
  • This provides students with problem-solving, logic, and creativity skills needed for the foundation in any career path today
The Hour of Code 2015 - WORLDWIDE

Check out 'Code.org' Tutorials Below

Teacher's Notes & Video Link

Make sure you click on Teacher's Notes and the link below 'Teacher's Notes' for all info about each tutorial.

The teacher's notes provides lesson plans, extension activities, and other teacher resources to help give you an overview of this tutorial.

The Link below the Teacher's Notes provides a video(s) that goes along with tutorial with coding info.

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Continue Coding.....Create Class in Code Studio

Do you want to set up a Computer Science class for your students to code? Below is 1 of 4 videos to help get you started. This first video will help you create a class in Code Studio and get you on your way to coding with your students.
Teacher Tutorial #1: Creating a new class in Code Studio