Come to Texas

Anthony Lopez

Come to Texas

Are you in debt and can't afford anything? Are you struggling to survive in this corrupt society run by money? Then come to Texas, escape your debt, and start a new life!

Land Policy

In the United States an acre of land could cost up to $1.25 an acre! While here in Texas, you can buy land for 12.5 cents an acre! So that means if you raised cattle, you could buy 4,000 acres of land and it would only cost $500! You could buy all the land you want for a very cheap price.

Land Description

Imagine lush, green, and fertile fields of land stretching for as far as the eye can see. Your crops will be healthy all year long!


There are a lot of railroads and rivers in Texas, making transportation to one of its many major cities easy.

How to Come Here

  • You must be a catholic.
  • You must be a citizen of Mexico.
  • You must obey all laws.