My Father

Found Poetry from Night by Elie Wiesel

My Father

He is holding my hand(pg 29)

He whispers in my ear,

it doesn´t hurt(pg 39)

Come on son (pg 40)

His present to me,

a half ration of bread(pg 73)

He tries to reassure me(pg 74)

We will see each other tonight(pg 75)

Lets hope we wont regret it Elizer(pg 82)

i shall die right here(pg 105)

Leave me i cant go on(pg 105)

His last word had been my name(pg 112)

Analysis and Explanation

A central idea in the book Night by Elie Wiesel is his relationship with his father. The poem shows how during the Holocaust their relationship changed throughout. But no matter what they were always by each others side till the end. ¨His present to me,

a half ration of bread¨ this shows that the very little they get in the camps his father is giving him his bread as a gift. during the beginning when they were first put in the camps the father was hopeful but later in the he says ¨Lets hope we wont regret it Elizer¨ this shows that he is losing hope and does not know what the right choice is anymore. The father died one night while Elie was sleeping ¨His last word had been my name¨ he finds out that day that the last word his father said was his name because he was calling for him but he did not hear.